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νεῦρον , τό,
A.sinew, tendon, once in Hom., in pl., of the tendons at the feet, “περὶ δ᾽ ἔγχεος αἰχμῇ νεῦρα διεσχίσθηIl.16.316, cf. Hp.Art. 11, etc.; “τὰ ν. οἷα ἐπιτείνεσθαι καὶ ἀνίεσθαιPl.Phd.98c; ν. ἐξ ἰνῶν [γίγνεται] Id.Ti.82c; σάρκες καὶ ν. ibid.; “σύγκειταί μου τὸ σῶμα ἐξ ὀστῶν καὶ ν.Id.Phd.98c, cf. Arist.HA515a27, al.: used adjectivally, ib.540a18 (s.v.l.).
b.ν. ἔναιμονvein, Hp.Liqu.2, cf. Ruf. Onom.208.
II. cord made of sinew, e. g. bowstring, Il.4.122; string fastening the head of the arrow to the shaft, ib.151; also “δέρματα συρράπτειν νεύρῳ βοόςHes.Op.544; cord of a sling, X.An.3.4.17, Q.S.11.112; bowstring, Ach.Tat.3.8.
3. string of a lyre, AP9.584.9, Luc.DMar.1.4.
III. in pl., fibres of plants, Pl.Plt. 280c.
IV. nerves, as organs of sensation, first in Erasistr. ap. Gal.5.602; ν. πρακτικά, αἰσθητικά, etc., Ruf.Onom.211; ν. κινητικά, προαιρετικά, Gal.2.613, 739; “ν. ἀκουστικόνAlex.Aphr.Pr.1.71, cf. Gal.2.831, Plot.4.3.23.
V. penis, Pl.Com.173.19, Gal.8.442. (Cf. Skt. snā´van-, Avest. snāvar[schwa], 'sinew', 'bond'.)
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