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ὀφλισκάνω , S.Ant.470, E.Alc.1093, Pl.Tht.161e: impf.
A.ὠφλίσκανονD.30.2: fut. “ὀφλήσωS.OT511 (lyr.), E.Hec.327, Ar.Pax172, Pl. Phd.117a: pf. “ὤφληκαAr.Nu.34, etc.; Arc. part. dat. pl. “ϜοφληκόσιIG5(2).262.18 (Mantinea, v B. C.), and 3pl. Ϝοφλέασι prob. in ib.1: aor. “ὤφλησαLys.13.65 codd. (ὦφλεν Sauppe), Aristid.2.143 J., Sopat. in Rh.8.243 W., (προσ-) Alciphr.3.26; in correct writers the aor. is ὦφλον, Hdt.8.26, And.1.73, etc.; inf. “ὀφλεῖνTh.5.101, etc.; part. “ὀφλώνIG12.6.31, Th.3.70, etc.: sts. wrongly written ὄφλειν, ὄφλων, as if there were an Att. pres. ὄφλω; but this pres., though quoted by Hdn. Gr.1.448, occurs only in late writers as D.Chr.31.143, 153(f.l.): ὀφλέω is a still more doubtful form; for in Hsch. ὀφλεῖ shd. be corrected ὄφλει; ὤφλεε in Hdt.8.26 is an error for ὦφλε (which is given by some codd.): pres. ὀφλίσκω is cited by Suid.; ὀφλάνω by Phot. and Hsch.; and 3sg. fut. ὀφλανεῖ from Sol. by Sch.Gen.Il.21.282. (From same root as ὀφείλω, q. v.; origin doubtful: ὀφλισκάνω and ὀφλήσω may be recent formations from ὦφλον, ὤφληκα.):—become a debtor, prop. of one condemned to pay a fine, become liable to pay, “ζημίανE.Med.581, etc.; “χρήματαLys.20.14; “πέντε τάλανταAr.Pax 172; “χιλίας δραχμάςPl.Ap.36a; “τὸ μείωμα εἴκοσι μνᾶςX.An.5.8.1; “τὴν ἐπωβελίανIsoc.18.12.
3. abs., to be cast, to be the losing party, “μέλλων ὀφλήσεινAr.Nu.777; “κᾆτ᾽ ὀφλὼν ἀπέρχεταιId.Ach.689, cf. Th.3.70, Pl.Lg.745a, PHal.1.200 (iii B. C.); ὀφλεῖν τῷ δημοσίῳ ἐπί τινι for an offence, D.39.14.
II. generally, of anything which one deserves or brings on oneself, αἰσχύνην, βλάβην ., incur them, E.Hel.67, Andr.188; . γέλωτα to be laughed at, Id.Med. 404, Ar.Nu.1035; τινι by one, E.Ba.854; παρά τινι, πρός τινα, Pl. Phd.117a, Hp.Ma.282a.
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