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οὔτις , neut. οὔτι, declined like τις, (οὐ, τις) one or nobody, neut. nothing, common in all Poets (Hom. uses it almost exclus. for οὐδείς in masc. and fem., but οὐδείς occurs in B.Fr.28 (masc.), and is preferred by Trag. (οὔτις only twice in E., Fr.45, 325)), whereas οὐδείς only is used in Prose, exc. in neut. (v. infr.), “οὔτις . . ΔαναῶνIl.1.88; “οὔ. θεῶνA.Ag.396 (lyr.), etc.: freq. agreeing with its Subst., “οὔ. ἀνήρS.El.188 (lyr.), cf. A.Pr.445, Pers.414, etc.: in Hom. and Hes. other words may come between, οὐ γάρ τις, οὐ μὲν γάρ τις, Il.6.487, Od.8.552; οὔτε τινά . . , οὔτε τις . . Il.13.224: rare in pl., “ἐπεὶ οὔτινες ἐγγύθεν εἰσίνOd.6.279; “προφήτας οὔτιναςA.Ag.1099 (lyr.).
2. neut. οὔτι is freq. used as Adv., by no means, not at all, Il.1.153, 2.338, etc.: so not only in Trag., but in Hdt., 1.148, 3.36, al., and in Pl., R.331a, 351a, al.: strengthd. οὔτι γε, Id.Phd.81d; “οὔτι μὲν δήId.Tht.186f, etc.; “οὔτι μήνS.El.817, etc.: also separated, “οὐ γάρ τιIl.20.467, S.Aj.1111, etc.; “οὐ μὲν γάρ τιIl.19.321, etc.; “οὔ νύ τι8.39, etc.
3. τὸ οὔτι nothing, S.E.M.1.15: pl., τῶν οὐτινῶν ib.17.
II. as pr. n. with changed accent Οὖτις , , acc. Οὖτιν, Nobody, Noman, a fallacious name assumed by Odysseus (with a punning allusion to μήτις and μῆτις, v. Od.20.20) to deceive Polyphemus, 9.366, 408, cf. E.Cyc.549, 672 sq., Ar.V.184 sq.
2. name of a fallacy, περὶ τοῦ οὔτιδος, title of work by Chrysippus, D.L.7.198, cf. 82.
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