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οὐδείς , fem. οὐδεμία^ (never nom. acc. -μίη, -μίην, since οὐδεμιῇ is prob. in Call.Aet.Oxy.2080.56, rarely
A.οὐδ᾽ ἴαSapph.69, Mosch.4.40), neut. οὐδέν (declined and accentuated like εἷς, μία, ἕν), not one, i.e. no one, none, used by Hom., Hes., and Pi. (who prefer οὔτις) only in neut. nom. and acc. οὐδέν, exc. in the phrase “τὸ ὃν μένος οὐδενὶ εἴκωνIl.22.459, al.; οὐδείς is found in B.Fr.28; but all genders and cases are common in all other writers, Hdt.1.32,33, etc.: rare in pl., no set of persons or things, And.1.23 (dub. cj.), X.Lac.3.1; “πρὸς οὐδένας τῶν ἙλλήνωνD.18.23 (v.l.), cf. 19.31,66,312, 24.214, 27.7; οὐδένων εἰσὶ βελτίους, i.e. οὔ τινων ἄλλων, Id.2.17 (cf. “οὐδενὸς βελτίουςPl.Prt.324d): dat. pl. “οὐδέσινPaus.3.24.3; for another sense of the pl., v. infr. 11.3.—In Ion. the pl. is usu. οὐδαμοί.
3. later οὐδὲν τι without οὐ, = nothing, “οὐδὲν τι παρήσωAgath.Praef.p.137 D., al.
II. naught, good for naught, “ νῦν μὲν οὐ. αὔριον δ᾽ ὑπέρμεγαςAr.Eq.158, cf. E.Fr.187.5; τὸ μὲν [γένος ἀνδρῶν] οὐδέν Pi.N.6.3: freq. in neut., οὐδὲν εἰδώς knowing naught, Thgn.141, E. Fr.391; οὐκ ἄρ᾽ ᾔστην οὐδὲν ἄλλο πλὴν δάκνειν knew nothing save how to . . , Ar.Av.19; οὐδὲν λέγειν to say naught, v. λέγω (B) III. 6; τὸ οὐδ᾽ οὐδέν the absolute nothing, Pl.Tht.180a.
5. τὸ οὐδέν naught, zero, in Arith., Nicom.Ar.2.6; used by Democritus as a name for Place, Arist.Fr.208.
III. neut. οὐδέν as Adv., not at all, naught, “ἄριστον Ἀχαιῶν οὐ. ἔτισενIl.1.412, cf. 24.370, Hdt.5.34, Th.8.22, etc.; so “οὐδέν τιX.Mem.1.2.42, etc.; “οὐ. τι πάντωςHdt.5.65: in answers, nothing, never mind, no matter, E.Med.64, IT781, Ar.Nu. 694; οὐδέν γε not at all, Id.Av.1360, etc.; οὐδὲν μᾶλλον, οὐδὲν ἧσσον, οὐδὲν ὕστερος, v. μάλα 11.5, “ἥσσων111, “ὕστεροςA. I.
B. REMARKS: the more emphatic and literal sense, not even one, i.e. none whatever, belongs to the full form, οὐδὲ εἷς, οὐδὲ μία, οὐδὲ ἕν, which is never elided, even in Com. (v. Ar. Ra.927, Lys.1045 (lyr.), Pl.138, 1115), but freq. has a Particle inserted between, cf. “οὐδέB.Zen. (in EM639.17) and others wrongly assume οὐδείς as a compd. not of οὐδέ and εἷς, but of οὐ and δείς (q. v.). (Later οὐθείς, q. v.)
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