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παίω , Boeot. πήω Hdn.Gr.2.949; Att. 2sg. imper.
A.παῖX.Cyn.6.18 codd.: fut. “παίσωE.El.688, X.An.3.2.19, “παιήσωAr.Nu.1125, Lys.459: aor. “ἔπαισαSupp.Epigr.2.509.4, al. (Crete, v B. C.), A.Pers. 397, X.An.5.8.10: pf. “πέπαικαLXX Nu.22.28, (ὑπερ-) Ar.Ec.1118, D.50.34:—Med., impf. “ἐπαιόμηνPlu.Pomp.24: aor. “ἐπαισάμηνX. Cyr.7.3.6:—Pass., aor. “ἐπαίσθηνA.Th.957, Ch.184, Luc.Salt.10: pf. πέπαισμαι ἐμ-) Ath.12.543f; but the pass. tenses were mainly supplied by πλήσσω (“παίσαντές τε καὶ πληγέντεςS.Ant.171); and ἐπάταξα (from πατάσσω) was generally used as aor.:—poet. Verb (not in Hom., rare in Att. Prose), strike, smite, whether with the hand, or with a rod or other weapon, “σκυτάλοισί τιναςHdt.3.137, cf. A.Ag. 1384, etc.: freq. with acc. omitted, “παισθεὶς ἔπαισαςId.Th.957; παῖε πᾶς strike home!, E.Rh.685; παισάτω πᾶς παῖς codd.), “παῖ δή, παῖ δήX.Cyn. l.c.; “π. τινὰ ἐς τὴν γῆνHdt.9.107; “π. τινὰ μάστιγιS.Aj.242 (lyr.), etc.; “π. ὑφ᾽ ἧπαρ αὑτήνId.Ant.1315; “παίσας πρὸς ἧπαρ φασγάνῳE.Or.1063; “π. τινὰ ἐς τὴν γαστέραAr.Nu.549; “εἰς τὰ στέρναX.Cyr. 4.6.4; “τινὰ ἐς πλευρὰν ξίφειE.Rh.794; “κατὰ τὸ στέρνονX.An.1.8.26; “κάραS.Aj.308, cf. OT1270; “τὸν νῶτόν τινοςAlciphr.3.43: c. dupl. acc., “π. ῥοπάλῳ τινὰ τὸ νῶτονAr.Av.497: c. acc. cogn., ὀλίγας π. (sc. πληγάς) X.An.5.8.12; τί μ᾽ οὐκ ἀνταίαν ἔπαισέν τις (sc. πληγήν; S.Ant.1309 (lyr.); π. ἅλμην, of rowers, A.Pers.397, E.IT1391:—Med., ἐπαίσατο τὸν μηρόν he smote his thigh, X.Cyr. 7.3.6, cf. Plu.Pomp.24:—Pass., “παιομένουςTh.4.47, cf. A.Pers. 416, Antipho 2.4.4, etc.; πὺξ παιόμενος, opp. ἐγχειριδίῳ πληγείς, Lys. 4.6.
2. c. acc. instrumenti, drive, dash one thing against another, ναῦς ἐν νηῒ στόλον ἔπαισε struck its beak against . . , A.Pers.409; “π. λαιμῶν εἴσω ξίφοςE.Or.1472 (lyr.); [“ναῦς] θάλασσα π. πρὸς χωρία δύσορμαPlu.Pyrrh.15: metaph., “ἐν δ᾽ ἐμῷ κάρᾳ θεὸς . . μέγα βάρος ἔπαισενS.Ant.1274 (lyr.).
4. of sexual intercourse, Id.Pax874.
5. hit hard in speaking, “π. στρογγύλοις τοῖς ῥήμασινId.Ach.686, cf. Lib. Or.63.34.
6. metaph., quench one's thirst, “διψῶντα . . ὄξει παίεινEub. 138 (anap.); cf. “πατάσσω11.2.
II. intr., strike, dash against or upon, “λόγοι παίουσ᾽ εἰκῇ πρὸς κύμασιν ἄτηςA.Pr.885 (anap.); “πρὸς τὰς πέτρας π.X.An.4.2.3: c. acc., “ἔπαισεν ἄφαντον ἕρμαA.Ag.1007 (lyr.); λανθάνει στήλην ἄκραν παίσας, of a charioteer, S.El.745. (From Παϝιω, cf. Lat. pavio, pavimentum.)
III. devour, “παίειν ἐφ᾽ ἁλὶ τὴν μάδδανAr.Ach.835, cf. Hsch.; perh. to be read in Epich. 35.12: it has been doubted whether this is the same word as “παίω1, but cf. “ἐρείδω11.2, “κόπτω1.10, “σποδέω111, “φλάω1.2.
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