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πέσσω , Il.4.513 (no other tense in Hom. exc. in the compd. καταπέσσω), Att. πέττω , later πέπτω Arist.Ph.259b12, (ἐκ-) Plu.2.683d, corrupted in Ath.3.83fcod. A: fut.
A.πέψωAr.Fr.202 (cj. for πέμψω) : aor. “ἔπεψαPherecr.183, Pl.R.372b, (κατα-) Il.1.81 :—Med. (v. infr.), aor. “ἐπεψάμηνHegem. ap. Ath.15.698f :—Pass., fut. “πεφθήσομαιArist. Pr.927b31, Gal.1.634 : aor. “ἐπέφθην Phdr.p.93 A., v.l. in Hp. Acut.(Sp.)67, Arist.Pr.864a32 : pf. Pass. “πέπεμμαιHp.Dent.26, Ar. Pax869:—soften, ripen, or change by means of heat:
I. of the West wind, ripen fruit, Od.7.119 : generally, bring to maturity, Arist.GA 780b10 ; also “ὅταν [ὁ ἥλιος] ὑγρὸν ὄντα τὸν ἀέρα πέττῃ καὶ διακρίνῃId.Pr.944a13.
2. distribute largess of cooked food, IGRom.4.1638 (Philadelphia) ; cf. πέψις.
III. by the action of the stomach, digest, “κοιλίαι πέσσουσιHp.VM11, cf. Arist.GA718b21, PA677b31, al.; opp. κατεργάζεσθαι (chew), Plu. Eum.11 :—Pass., “τὸ σηπτὸν περίττωμα τοῦ πεφθέντος ἐστίνArist.GA 762a15, cf. Mete.381b12 ; of milk, etc., to be concocted, Id.GA776a26, 777a7.
b. οἶνος π. τὰ σῖτα promotes the digestion of food, Ath.1.26a.
2. metaph., of diseases, πέσσεται νοῦσος is 'concocted', comes to a crisis, Hp.Acut.42.
3. metaph., also, mostly in bad sense, χόλον πέσσειν nurse, brood over one's wrath, ἀλλ᾽ ἐπὶ νηυσὶ χόλον θυμαλγέαπέσσειIl.4.513, cf. 9.565 (but, digest, i. e. allow to cool down, in Arist.EN1126a24); κήδεα π. Il.24.617,639 ; “αἰείPhilet.1 ; βέλος πέσσειν have a dart in one to brood over, Il.8.513 ; γέρα πεσσέμεν gorge himself on them, 2.237 (later, simply, enjoy, “θρεπτήριαA.R.1.283); also ἀκίνδυνον αἰῶνα πέσσειν lead a sodden life of ease, Pi.P.4.186. (I.-E. peq[uglide]-, cf. Skt. pácati 'cook', Lat. coquo, Slav. pek<*> 'I bake'.)
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