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περίοδος (Dor. πέροδος , q.v.), ,
A.going round, marching round, flank march, τῶν Περσέων π. Hdt.7.219,229 ; “π. καὶ κύκλωσιςTh.4.35.
2. slow walk, Gal.17(2).99.
3. passage of fluids, Aret. SD1.10, cf. Arist.Pr.870a10.
II. way round, Hdt.7.223 ; “λίμνηςId.1.185; circumference, circuit, compass, σήματος, τείχεος, ib.93, 163 : abs., τὴν π. in circumference, Id.7.109.
III. γῆς π. chart or map of the earth, Id.4.36, 5.49, Ar.Nu.206, Arist.Mete.362b12, Agathem.1.1 ; αἱ τῆς γῆς π. books of descriptive geography, Arist. Pol.1262a19, Rh.1360a34, Mete.350a16.
IV. going round in a circle, coming round to the starting-point, circuit, τοῦ τρίποδος π. Plu. Sol.4.
2. esp. of Time, cycle or period of time, πάσαις ἐτέων π. Pi. N.11.40; freq. in Pl., ἐν πολλαῖς χρόνου καὶ μακραῖς π. Phd.107e ; “π. χιλιετήςPhdr.249a: abs., R.546b, Epicur.Ep.1p.27U. (pl.), etc.; κατὰ φύσιν π. Arist.GA777b18; of the Great Year of the Stoics, Chrysipp.Stoic.2.189(pl.); ἐκ περιόδου periodically, in rotation, Heraclid.Pol.58, Plb.2.43.1, etc.; “ἐν περιόδῳPlu.Eum.8 ; esp. the period embracing the four great public games, “κατὰ τὰν π. ἑκάστανIG9(1).694.31 (Corc.); ἐνίκησε τὴν π. Ath.10.415a; νικώμενος τὴν π. Arr. Epict.3.25.5, cf. Poll.4.89; v. περιοδονίκης.
3. of events, periodic recurrence, cycle, Isoc.15.174, Thphr.CP1.13.1.
b. cycle, roster of public officials, “τῇ πρὸ ταύτης π. τῶν μελλόντων λειτουργεῖνPOxy. 1119.6 (iii A. D.), cf. 1552.3 (iii A. D.).
4. Medic., a regular prescribed course of life, ἐν τῇ καθεστηκυίᾳ π. ζῆν to live in the regular course, Pl.R.4073; αἱ ἰατρικαὶ π. the periodical visits of a regular physician, the doctor's rounds, Luc.Gall.23, cf. Nigr.22 : hence, medical practice, Heraclasap.Orib.48.18.2.
b. the period of menstruation, Arist.GA738a17.
c. fit of intermittent fever, or the like , Hp. Aph.4.59 (pl.), D.9.19; ἐκ περιόδου πυρετός an intermittent fever, Luc.Philops.9.
5. course at dinner, X.Cyr.2.2.2 ; π. λόγων table-talk, Id.Smp.4.64.
6. orbit of a heavenly body, Id.Mem. 4.7.5 ; ἀστέρος κυκλικὴ π. Vett.Val.94.20; also θεριναὶ π., = τροπαί, Hp.Aër.19; revolution of a heavenly body, Epicur.Ep.1p.28U.
V. survey in thought, ἅμα νοήματι π. τῶν κυριωτάτων ib.p.32U.
VI. Rhet., period, Thrasymach. ap. Suid.s.v. Θρασύμαχος, etc.; defined as λέξις ἔχουσα ἀρχὴν καὶ τελευτὴν αὐτὴ καθ᾽ αὑτὴν καὶ μέγεθος εὐσύνοπτον, Arist.Rh.1409a35, etc.; also in Music and Metric, Heph.Poëm.3.5, Aristid.Quint.1.14.
VII. vessel used in iron-founding, Arist.Fr.261.
VIII. entrance to a temple enclosure, IG11(2).158 A65 (Delos, iii B. C.).
IX. = Lat. regio, π. Καρίας Maiuri Nuova Silloge 562 (Cos).
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