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περιέχω , also περιεργ-ίσχω , Th.5.71; Aeol. περρέχω Sapph.Supp.25.9, Theoc.30.3: fut. περιέξω (and
b. esp. of that which encompasses the earth or the universe, τὸν κόσμον πνεῦμα καὶ ἀὴρ π. Anaxim.2; “ περὶ χθόν᾽ ἔχων αἰθήρE.Fr.919 (s.v.l.), cf. Thphr.CP3.17.4; “τὸ περιέχον πάντα ὁπόσα νοητὰ ζῷαPl.Ti.31a, cf. 33b; τὸ περιέχον the environment, Epicur.Nat.79 G.,al., Plot.2.3.14; “τὸ περιέχον ἡμᾶς ἅπαντας καὶ γῆν καὶ θάλατταν, καλοῦμεν οὐρανόνStr. 16.2.35; περιέχων ἀήρ ῾ἠήρ) Hp.Lex 3, Arist. Mete.379a28, D.H.3.47, Plu.2.333f, etc.; περιέχων alone, Id.Cor.38; but usu. τὸ περιέχον, Anaxag.2, Arist.Juv.468a3, Ptol.Phas.p.10 H., S.E.M.8.286; τὸ ἄπειρον καὶ τὸ π. Arist.GC332a25, cf. Ph.253a13, 259b11; “φαμὲν τὸ μὲν π. τοῦ εἴδους εἶναι, τὸ δὲ περιεχόμενον τῆς ὕληςId.Cael.312a12, cf. Ph. 211b12.
3. surround so as to guard, Plu.Caes.16, etc.:—but, Pass., to be shut in, beleaguered, Hdt.8.10; ὑπὸ τῶν πολεμίων κύκλῳ ib.79; πανταχόθεν ib.80, cf. X.Cyr.7.1.24 : metaph., to be hard pressed, Men. Epit.289; “περισχομένη κακότητιA.R.3.95.
4. embrace, comprise, comprehend, Pl.Men.87d, etc.; “πλείω γένηArist.Pol.1285a2; “περιέχεται ὑπὸ τοῦ ὅλου τὰ πάνταPl.Prm.145c; contain, “βίβλος π. τὰς πράξειςD.S.2.1; “λόγος π. ἐγκώμιονMen.660; of a letter, J.AJ12.4.11: impers., περιέχει ἐν γραφῇ, folld. by a quotation, 1 Ep.Pet.2.6; καθὼς ὠνὴ π. as is contained in the deed of sale, Supp.Epigr.3.421.33 (Locr., ii A.D.).
5. Math., ὑπὸ δύο ἀριθμῶν περιεχόμενος [ἀριθμός] the product of two numbers, Euc.7 Def.19; but π. ἑαυτόν, of a number of which a higher power terminates in the same digit, Theol.Ar.33.
6. τὸν ἔλεγχον π. to be involved in, open to criticism, Phld.Rh.1.49 S.
II. surpass, excel, πάντα περρέχοισ᾽ ἄστρα, of the moon, Sapph. Supp.25.9; overcome, gain the victory or advantage, Th.5.7,8.105.
III. Med., hold one's hands round or over another: hence, protect, defend, c. gen. pers., περίσχεο (Ion. imper. aor. 2 Med.) “παιδὸς ἐῆοςIl.1.393 : c. acc., “οὕνεκά μιν περισχόμεθαOd.9.199.
2. hold fast by, cling to, c. gen., “γούνων περισχομένηA.R.4.82 (but c. acc., “περίσχετο γούνατα χερσίνId.3.706); “περιίσχετο κούρηςMosch.2.11: hence, cleave to, be fond of a person or thing, “γενσάμενοι τῶν ἡμετέρων ἀγαθῶν περιέξονταιHdt.1.71, cf. 3.53, 5.40, 7.39, 160, etc.; τὠυτοῦ περιεχόμεθα we are compassing, aiming at the same end, Id.3.72, cf. Plu.Them.9; κρίσιν . . ἧς μᾶλλον περιέχομαι on which I place more reliance, Alciphr.2.4.
3. rarely c. inf., περιείχετο . . μένοντας μὴ ἐκλιπεῖν τὴν τάξιν clung to his resolution that they should stay and not leave their post, Hdt.9.57.
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