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περι-κόπτω , pf. -
A.κέκοφαLys. 14.42 :—cut all round, mutilate, “τοὺς Ἑρμᾶς περιέκοπτενD.21.147, cf. And.1.34, Lys.6.51 ; “οἱ Ἑρμαῖ περιεκόπησαν τὰ πρόσωπαTh.6.27 ; “π. τὰ ἀκρωτήρια τῆς ΝίκηςD.24.121; τὰ παράσημα [τῆς νεώς] Plu. Them.15 ; π. τὰ βιβλία cut them round the edges, Luc.Ind.16; trim off, τὰς ἀκάνθας τὰς κύκλῳ (of fish) Alex.133.3 ; prune, “δένδρεαTab.Heracl.1.173 :—Pass., to be pruned or cut away, Thphr.HP4.16.1,5 ; of fish, to be trimmed, Arist.Mir.835219 ; of a statue, to be rough-hewn, Plu.2.74d.
2. lay waste (from the practice of cutting down the fruit-trees), “τὰ ἐν ἙλλησπόντῳD.8.9 : hence, plunder a person, Id.9.22 :—Pass., PCair.Zen.44.24, 145.4 (iii B. C.), D.H.10, 51, Str.11.13.2, etc.; “πόλεις περικεκομμέναι χρημάτωνPlu.Ant.68: abs., “π. καὶ λῃστεύεινD.S.4.19 : hence, simply, intercept, cut off, “ἀγοπάςD.H.10.43, cf. Plu.Luc.2 (Pass.); “τὰ σιτηγάId.Mar.42; “τινῶν τὴν ἀπὸ τῆς γῆς εὐπορίανId.Sert.21 ; restrain, check, “πολυπραγμοσύνηνId.Per.21 :—Pass., to be hindered, “ἐν ταῖς πράξεσιCat.Cod.Astr.2.166.
3. cut off, destroy, kill, D.H.10.51, J.BJ4.5.2.
4. take no account of, eliminate, Gal.9.781, Sect.Intr.6.
5. π. λογάριον close an account, PFay.134.5 (iv A. D.).
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