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πίνω [ι_], Ep. inf. πινέμεναι and -έμεν, Il.4.346, Od.7.220 : Ion. impf.
A.πίνεσκονIl.16.226: fut. “πίομαι13.493, Thgn.962, A.Ch.578, S. OC622, Ar.Eq.1289, 1401, Fr.311; later “πι^οῦμαιArist.Rh.1370b18, Ael.VH12.49, etc.; also as f.l. in earlier authors, “πιεῖσθαιHp.Int.12, “πιεῖσθεX.Smp.4.7, but rejected by Phryn.23, Ath.10.446d; 2sg. “πίεσαιLXXDe.28.39, Ev.Luc.17.8: aor. ἔπι^ον, Ep. “πίονIl.22.2, etc.; 2sg. subj. “πίῃσθα6.260; imper. “πίεOd.9.347, Men.151, Carm.Pop. 33, (ἐκ-) E.Cyc.563, Orph.Fr.32 b iii; also “πῖθιCratin.141, Ion Trag. 27, Ar.V.1489, Amips.18, Antiph.163.1, etc., (ἔκ-) E.Cyc.570; πίει, πίεις, Kretschmer Griech. Vaseninschr.p.195; inf. “πιεῖνOd.8.70, Hdt. 4.172, etc.; later contr. “πεῖνAP11.140 (Lucill.), Mim.Oxy.413.66, PMag.Lond.121.738, PFlor.101.8 (i A. D.), etc.; Ep. “πι^έμενOd.15.378, “πιέεινIl.4.263, πιέναι f.l. for ὑπιέναι in Hp.Epid.5.18; part. πι^ών, πι^οῦσα, Il.24.102, etc., “πι^έουσαHp.Epid.7.11:—Med., subj. “πινώμεθαHermipp.25; imper. “πίνεοNic.Th.912: πίομαι [ι_] as pres. Med., Ibyc.17 (s.v.l.), Pi.O.6.86, and so ἐκπίομαι [ι_] Ar.Ach.199, ἐμπίομαι [ι^] Thgn.1129 (Pass. in AP5.43 (Rufin.)):—Pass., Od.20.312, Hp.Aër. 9, etc.: Ep.impf. “πίνετοOd.9.45.—Other tenses are from πω- or πο-, pf. “πέπωκαA.Th.821, etc.:—Pass., fut. ποθήσομαι κατα-) Ar.V.1502, (ἐκ-) Plu.2.240e: aor. ἐπόθην ἐξ-) A.Ch.66, (κατ-) Pl.Criti.111d: pf. inf. “πεπόσθαιThgn.477: Aeol. pres. πώνω Alc.20,52, Supp.20.3: aor. imper. πῶθι, τῶ, EM698.52. [ι_ always in πίνω. πίνομαι; ι^ always in aor. ἔπιον, hence πίε must be read for πῖνε in AP11.19 (Strat.), and ἔπι_νον for ἔπιον in Anacreont.5.5: Hom. has “ἐθέλουσι δὲ πι_έμεν ἄμφωIl.16.825, cf. Od.18.3; but “καὶ φαγέμεν πι^έμεν τε15.378; in imper. πῖθι, ι_ always.—In fut. “πίομαιHom. and Trag. use ι_, Il.13.493, A.Ch. 578, S.OC622, cf. Thgn.962, Ar.Eq.1289,1401, Fr.311; but ι^ in lon Lyr.2.10 (nisi leg. πιέτω), (ἐκ-) Pl.Com.9, Amips.22; also in later Poetry, AP11.8,25.5 (Apollonid.); for pres. Med. πίομαι, v. supr.]: —drink, freq. from Hom. downwds., c. acc., π. οἶνον, ὐρόν, αἷμα, etc., Od.15.391, 17.225, S.OC622, etc.; π. ὕδωρ Αἰσήποιο drink its water, i.e. live on its banks, Il.2.825, cf. Pi.O.6.86 (Med.): c. gen. partit., drink of a thing, “π. οἴνοιοOd.22.11; εἰς οἶνον . . , ἔνθεν ἔπινον whereof . . , 4.220; “αἵματος ὄφρα πίω11.96, cf. 15.373; also πίνειν κρητῆρας οι^νοιο to drink bowls of wine, Il.8.232; “κύπελλα ὄνου4.346; π. ἀπὸ κρήνης drink of a spring, Thgn.959 (but “κρήνης962); π. ἀπ᾽ αὐτοῦ (sc. δέπαος αἴθοπα οἶνον from it, Il.16.226; “δέπα ἔνθεν ἔπινονOd.19.62; “ἐκ κεράμων μέθυ πίνετοIl.9.469; “ἐκ τῆς χειρὸς διδοῖ πιεῖνHdt.4.172; “ἐκ ταὐτοῦ . . ποτηρίουAr.Eq.1289; “ἐξ ἀργύρου χρυσοῦPl. R.417a; “ἀπὸ τοῦ ποταμοῦX.Cyr.4.5.4; σκύφος περ ἔπινεν with which . . , Od.14.112; π. κερατίνοις ποτηρίοις v.l. in X.An.6.1.4; τὰ φάρμακα π. παρὰ τοῦ ἰατροῦ draughts sent by him, Pl.Grg.467c.
II. celebrate by a carouse, “νίκηνPhilostr.Gym. 54.
III. metaph., drink up, as the earth does rain, τὸ ὕδωρ, ὄμβρον, Hdt.3.117,4.198; “πιοῦσα κόνις μέλαν αἷμαA.Eu.979 (lyr.), cf. Th.736 (lyr.), 821, S.OT1401; of plants, X.Smp.2.25; of a lamp, “π. τοὔλαιονLuc.Cat.27; “λύχνος . . πολλὰ πιὼν μέληAP5.196 (Mel., dub. l.). (I.-E. pōy- and -, cf. Skt. pāy-áyati 'cause to drink', pīti- 'a drink', Lat. pōtus, etc.)
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