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πλήρης , ες, gen. εος, contr. ους: Comp.
2. infected by, π. ὑπ᾽ οἰωνῶν τε καὶ κυνῶν βορᾶς polluted by birds and dogs with meat (torn from the body of Polynices), S.Ant.1017; νόσου ib.1052.
3. satisfied, satiated, c. gen., “π. ἔχοντι θυμὸν ὧν χρῄζειςId.OC778: c. part., θηεύμενοι ἔωσι π. they should have gazed their fill, Hdt.7.146.
II. less freq. c. dat., filled with,Ἕλλησι βαρβάροις θ᾽ ὁμοῦ π. πόλειςE. Ba.19.
III. abs., full, of a swollen stream, Hdt.2.92; of the moon, Sapph.53, Hdt.6.106; “π. γαστήρS.Fr.848; “ὄγκος γαστρόςTrag.Adesp.186; κρατῆρες, δέπας, etc., E.Ba.221, Hec.527, etc.; “κεχόρτασμαι . . οὐ κακῶς, ἀλλ᾽ εἰμὶ π.Eub.30, cf. 53; full of people,ἐπειδὰν π. τὸ θέατρονIsoc.8.82; “π. τὸ βαλανεῖον ποιεῖνAr.Nu.1054; “εἰ π. τύχοι δῆμος ὤνId.Ec.95, cf. X.Ath.2.17; “ βουλὴ ἐπειδὴ ἦν π.And. 1.112; “ἐπειδὰν πάντα π. τὰ δικαστήριαArist.Ath.66.1, cf. IG12.41.5; “ἐπειδὴ π. αὐτοῖς ἦσαν αἱ νῆεςfully manned, Th.1.29, cf. X.HG2.1.28, D.50.32; of persons, satisfied, gorged, opp. κενός, X.Oec.11.18, etc.; τὸ π., opp. τὸ κενόν, Leucipp. and Democr. ap. Arist.Metaph.985b5.
2. full, complete,ἐπειρώτων . . εἰ λελάβηκε πλήρεα . . τὰ ἀκροθίνιαHdt.8.122; “ὡς ἂν τὴν χάριν πλήρη λάβωE.Hel.1411, cf. PGiss.40ii6 (iii A. D.); -εστάτη οἰκειότης fullest intimacy, Epicur.Sent.40; “φέρων π. τὸν μισθόνX.An.7.5.5; -εστάτῳ δικαίῳ, = Lat. optimo jure, PFlor.66.3 (iv A. D.); of numbers or periods of Time, τέσσερα ἔτεα π. four full years, Hdt.7.20.
3. solid, whole, of a voting-pebble (ψῆφος), opp. τετρυπημένος, τρυπητός, Aeschin.1.79, Arist.Ath.68.2, 69.1; “π. ὁπλαίPoll.1.191; “αὔλημαId.4.73; “ἄγαλμα . . ἐποίησε πλῆρεςPaus.9.12.4.
4. of sound, full,πληρέστερον μέλοςIamb.VP14.65.
5. of wine, full-bodied, with a persistent flavour, Archig. ap. Gal.8.945; of the pulse, Id.ib.678; of wool, Id.ib.672.
6. ἐκ πλήρους fully,ποιεῖν τὰ δίκαιαIG22.1343.21; in full,τὰ ἐκφόρια κομίσασθαιPTeb.105.47 (ii B. C.), etc.
IV. πλήρης is used indecl. in later Greek, esp. of payments in full, Wilcken Chr.499.9 (ii/iii A. D.), etc.; freq. v.l. in LXX, Ge.27.27, Nu.7.20, Jb.21.24,al.
V. Adv. “πλήρωςin full, Sammelb.4652.2 (iv A. D.): Sup. “-έσταταIamb.Protr. 21.κγ᾽.
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