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ποθ-έω , Od.1.343, etc.; Aeol. ποθήω Sapph.23; Ep. inf.
A.ποθήμεναιOd.12.110: Ep. impf. “πόθεονIl.2.726, etc.; also “ποθέεσκον1.492, PSI9.1092.51: fut. “ποθήσωX.Mem.3.11.3, Oec.8.10, (ἐπι-) Hdt.5.93; also “ποθέσομαιLys.8.18, Pl.Phd.98a: aor. ἐπόθεσα, Ep. πόθεσα, inf. ποθέσαι, Il.15.219, Od.2.375, 4.748, (προ-) Gal.Thras. 29; “ἐπόθησαPl.Men.84c, X.HG5.3.20, etc.; both forms in codd. of Hdt., “ἐπόθησε3.36, “ἐπόθεσαν9.22; ἐπόθεσα also in codd. of Isoc.4.122, 19.7: pf. “πεπόθηκαAP11.417, S.E.M.11.139, etc.:— Med., S.Tr.103(lyr.):—Pass., pf. “πεπόθημαιOrph.H.81.3, etc.: (cf. πόθος fin.):—long for, yearn after (what is absent), miss or regret (what is lost), “φθινύθεσκε . . αὖθι μένων, ποθέεσκε δ᾽ ἀϋτήν τε πτόλεμόν τεIl.1.492; “πόθεόν γε μὲν ἀρχόν2.703; “τοίην γὰρ κεφαλὴν ποθέωOd.1.343; “π. στρατιᾶς ὀφθαλμὸν ἐμᾶςPi.O.6.16, cf. Hdt.3.36, 9.22, etc.; “ἄνδρας πόλις ἥδε ποθεῖIG12.945.10; “ποθεῖν ποθοῦντα τήνδε γῆν στρατὸν λέγειςA.Ag.545; “τὸν δ᾽ ἐμὸν δῆμον ποθῶνAr.Ach.33; “ποθεῖς τὸν οὐ παρόνταId.Pl.1127; αἱ κνῆμαι . . σου . . τὰς πέδας π. ib.276; χώρα αὐτὴ τὸ μὴ ὂν ποθήσει the place itself will miss what is absent, X.Oec.8.10; “π. τὰς ἐν τῇ νεότητι ἡδονάςPl.R.329a, cf. Ti.19a, And. 1.70:—Pass., S.Tr.632, etc.; ποθουμένη (sc. Εἰρήνη) Ar.Pax586; “ποθεῖκαὶ ποθεῖταιPl.Phdr.255d.
2. of things, crave, require,τί γὰρ π. τράπεζα;E.Fr.467; “π. ἀπόκρισις ἐρώτησιν τοιάνδεPl.Smp.204d, cf. Prt.352a.
II. c. inf., to be anxious to do, E.Hec.1020, Antipho5.64, X.An.6.4.8; τὸ νοσοῦν ποθεῖ σε ξυμπαραστάτην λαβεῖν my sickness needs to take thee . . , S.Ph.675; ἆρα ἔτι ποθοῦμεν μὴ ἱκανῶς δεδεῖχθαι; do we still feel that it has not been satisfactorily proved? Pl.Lg. 896a:—Pass., ποθεῖται . . λεχθῆναι requires to be stated, Arist.EN1097b23.
III. abs., love with fond regret,οἱ δὲ ποθεῦντες ἐν ἤματι γηράσκουσιTheoc.12.2, cf. Luc.Im.22, etc.
2. τὸ ποθοῦν longing, desire (wrongly expld. by Sch. as = τὸ ποθούμενον), S.Tr.196.
3. Med. only in ib.103(lyr.), ποθουμένα φρήν the longing soul, cf. Eust.806.56.
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