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πρόνοια , Ion. προνο-οίη , , (πρόνοος)
A.perceiving beforehand, foresight, foreknowledge,τοὖπος τὸ θεοπρόπον τᾶς παλαιφάτου π.S.Tr.823 (lyr.); “προνοίαισι τοῦ πεπρωμένουA.Ag.684 (lyr.).
2. = πρόγνωσις 11.b, Hp. ap.Gal.18 (2).8.
II. foresight, forethought,ἐπῄνεσ᾽ . . πρόνοιαν ἣν ἔθουS.Aj.536; “π. δ᾽ ἐστὶν οὐδενὸς σαφήςId.OT978; προνοίας οὕνεκα so far as foresight, caution is required, Id.Ph.774, cf.El.1015; “ἐκ προνοίηςwith forethought, purposely, Hdt.1.120,159, etc.; opp. κατὰ τύχην, Id.8.87, cf. Antipho 5.21, Lys.26.19, Pl.Phdr.241e; ἀπὸ προνοίας τινῶν by their precautions, Th.8.95; “τὴν π. τὴν ές ἡμέας ἔχουσανHdt. 8.144; προνοίᾳ τῶν συγγενῶν, φίλων, τῆς πόλεως, by care for . . , And.1.56; esp. of crimes committed with design or malice prepense, ἐκ προνοίας τραῦμα, ἐκ π. φόνοι, Aeschin.3.212, Din.1.6, etc.; “ἐκ π. ἀποθνῄσκεινAntipho 1.22, cf. Lys.3.28; τὰ ἐκ π., opp. ἀκούσια, Arist.Pol. 1300b26; so οὐδεμία π. ἐστι τραύματος no intention of wounding, Lys.3.41; πρόνοιαν ἔχειν (or ἴσχειν τινός to take thought for . . , show care for . . , E.Alc.1061, Th.2.89, etc.; “περί τινοςS.Ant.283; “ὑπέρ τινοςIsoc.16.9; “ τοῦ χόρτου π.PFlor.131.7 (iii A. D.), cf. 148.2 (iii A. D.): c. inf., πολλὴν π. εἶχεν εὐσχήμως (fort. εὐσχήμων)“ πεσεῖνE. Hec.569; πολλὴν π. ἔχειν μέλλοντας . . to beware of doing a thing, Antipho 5.91; “π. ποιεῖσθαί τινοςD.21.97, etc.: pl., X.Oec.7.38.
2. providence,τοῦ θείου π.Hdt.3.108; “τοῦ θεοῦS.OC1180; “θεία π.E.Ph. 637(troch.); “πρόνοιαι θεῶνPl.Ti.44c: abs., divine providence,προνοίας ἔργῳX.Mem.1.4.6, etc., cf.Zeno Stoic.1.44, Cleanth.ib.121, Chrysipp. ib.2.168, al. (περὶ προνοίας as title of one of his works, ib.3.203).
3. Pythag. name for five, Theol.Ar.31.
4. office of προνοητής, POxy.472.10 (ii A. D.).
III. Πρόνοια Ἀθηνᾶ Athena as goddess of Forethought, under which name she was worshipped at Delphi, D.25.34, D.S.11.14, Parth.25, Paus.10.8.6, Plu.2.825b, Jul.Or.4.149b, etc.; at Delos acc. to Macr.Sat.1.17.55, cf. Aristid.1.97 J., Or.37(2).26; also “Ἰουλία θεὰ Σεβαστὴ Π.IG3.461: this name of Athena, which is guaranteed by the context in D., Aristid., Jul., Macr. Il. cc., seems to have been a distortion of the name Προναία or Προνᾴα (v. “πρόναος1), but πρόνοια is f.l. for Προναία (or Προνᾴα) in Aeschin. (v. “πρόναος1), and D.S., Parth., Paus., Plu. Il. cc. shd. perh. be corrected.
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