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προσέρχομαι , impf.
A.-ηρχόμηνTh.4.121 (unless fr. προσάρχομαι): fut. “-ελεύσομαιPlb.21.14.6 (but the Att. impf. and fut. are commonly προσῄειν, πρόσειμι, q.v.): aor. -ήλυθον, -ῆλθον: pf. -ελήλυθα:—come or go to, c. dat., A.Eu.285, S.OC1104, etc.; π. Σωκράτει visit him as teacher, X.Mem.1.2.47; τινὶ ὥσπερ ἀθλητῇ Th.l.c. (v. προσάρχομαι; αἷς ἂν προσέλθω [γυναιξί] X.Smp.4.38: c. dat. loci, δόμοις, ἀκταῖς, A. Eu.474, E.Hel.1539: c. acc. loci, πεσσούς, δῶμα, βωμούς, Id.Med.68, 1205, Alc.171: rarely c. acc. pers., “ἐπειδὴ τοὺς πρυτάνεις προσήλθομενAristomen.4: with Preps. governing acc., “π. πρὸς τὸ ἄγγοςHdt.2.121.“β́; πρὸς Α᾿πολλώνιονPCair.Zen.375.4 (iii B.C.): with Advbs., “π. δεῦροS.Aj.1171, etc.; “πέλας π. μουE.Andr.589, cf. S.Tr.1076, etc.; ἐγγύθεν, ὄπισθεν, Pl.Plt.289d, R.327b; ὅπῃ π. χρή ib.493b: abs., approach, draw nigh, Hdt.1.86, etc.; opp. ἀπέρχομαι, ib.199; of pain, pleasure, etc., to be nigh at hand, S.Ph.788, E.Or.859.
2. in hostile sense, attack, “π. πρὸς τοὺς ἱππέαςX.Cyr.6.2.16.
3. come in, surrender, capitulate, Th.3.59.
5. appear before a tribunal, “προσελθὼν εἶπενBGU587.2 (ii A.D.), cf. PAmh.2.66.43 (ii A.D.); “π. τῷ δικαστηρίῳ κατ᾽ αὐτοῦPSI1.41.18 (iv A.D.); approach an official, “π. διὰ βιβλιδίων τῷ λαμπροτάτῳ ἡγεμόνιBGU614.12 (iii A.D.); π. τοῖς θεοῖς in supplication, D.C.56.9.
7. of things, to be added, Arist.GC321b27, GA723a13.
II. come in, of revenue, Hdt.7.144, Lys.30.20, X.Mem.3.6.12.
III. have sexual intercourse, Hp.Epid.6.3.14.
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