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θέσις , εως, , (τίθημι)
A.setting, placing, ἐπέων θ. setting of words in verse, Pi.O.3.8; “πλίνθων καὶ λίθωνPl.R.333b, cf. IG7.3073.33 (Lebad.); θ. νόμων lawgiving, X.Ath.3.2, Pl.Lg.690d: in pl., “νόμων θέσειςD.18.309, Arist.Pol.1289a22; θ. ὀνόματος giving of a name, Pl.Cra.390d; ἐπί τινος application of word to object, Demetr.Eloc. 145; θ. ἀγώνων institution of games, D.S.4.53; ordinance, disposition, S.Ichn.277 (only here in Trag.); setting forth in legal form, “ἀσφαλειῶνPOxy.1027.12 (i A.D.).
II. laying down, ὅπλων, opp. ἀναίρεσις, Pl.Lg.814a; of diggers, plunging of the spade, opp. ἄρσις, Gp.2.45.5.
2. deposit of money, preparatory to a law-suit, Ar.Nu.1191 (pl.): generally, sum deposited in a temple, Inscr.Délos 365.14 (iii B.C.), IG12(3).322 (pl., Thera).
3. pledging, giving as security, D.33.12, Lys.8.10.
4. payment, “τελῶνPl.R.425d (pl.).
III. adoption of a child, “κατὰ θέσιν υἱωνόςPlb.18.35.9, cf. Ph.2.36, Philostr. VA6.11; “Κρινοτέλην Πινδάρου, θέσει δὲ ΦιλοξένουIG12(3).274 (Anaphe), cf. 12(7).50 (Amorgos); adoption as a citizen of a foreign state, Ἁλεξανδρεὺς θέσει, Ἁθηναῖος θ. (opp. φύσει), Suid. s.v. Ἀρίσταρχος, Ἀριστοφάνης Π̔όδιος.
IV. situation, of a city, Hp.Aër.6; “πόλις αὐτάρκη θ. κειμένηTh.1.37, cf. 5.7; “ θ. τῆς χώρας πρὸς τὰ πνεύματαThphr.CP3.23.5; τόπων θ. Plb.1.41.7: Astron., “θ. τῶν ἄστρωνHerm. in Phdr.p.149A.; position, arrangement, “λεγομένων καὶ γραφομένωνPl.Tht.206a; “τῶν μερῶν θέσειςId.Lg.668e, cf. Epicur.Ep.1p.11U., Fr.30 (pl.).
2. Math., local position, Arist.GC322b33; ἔχειν θ. Id.APo.88a34; θ. ἔχειν πρὸς ἄλληλα to have a local relation, Id.Cat.4b21, cf. Pl.R.586c; “τῇ θ. μέσονArist.APr.25b36: Geom., θέσει δεδόσθαι or εἶναι, to be given in position, Archim.Sph.Cyl.2.3, Euc.Dat.4, Apollon.Perg.Con.2.46, al.; παρὰ θέσει parallel to a straight line given in position, [Euc.]Dat.Def.15; εἰς δύο θέσεις τὰς AB, AT to meet the two straight lines AB, AT given in position, Hero Metr.3.10; “κατὰ τὴν θ. τὴν πρὸς ἡμᾶςArist.Ph.208b23, etc.; οὐ τῇ θ. διαφέροντα μόνον, ἀλλὰ καὶ τῇ δυνάμει ib.22; so in Music, of notes in a scale, κατὰ θέσιν, opp. κατὰ δύναμιν, Ptol.Harm.2.5.
V. Philos., thesis, position, assumed and requiring proof, Pl.R.335a, Arist.Top.104b19, APo.72a15; θέσιν διαφυλάττειν to maintain a thesis, Id.EN1096a2; κινεῖν to controvert it, Plu.2.687b, cf. 328a, etc.
2. general question, opp. ὑπόθεσις (special case), Aphth.Prog.13, Theon Prog.12, cf. Cic.Top.21.79, Quint.3.5.5 (but θ. includes ὑπόθεσις and ὁρισμός, APo.35.1; opp. ἀξίωμα, ib.34.9).
3. arbitrary determination, esp. in dat. “θέσει, τὰ ὀνόματα μὴ θ. γενέσθαιEpicur.Ep. 1p.27U.; opp. φύσει, Chrysipp.Stoic.3.76, Str.2.3.7, etc.; τὰ θ. δίκαια, νόμιμα, Ph.1.50, 112; σημαίνειν θ. S.E.P.2.256.
4. affirmation, opp. ἄρσις, ib.1.192, cf. 2.244, Plot.5.5.6, etc.
VI. a setting down, opp. ἄρσις (lifting), “πᾶσα πορεία ἐξ ἄρσεως καὶ θέσεως συντελεῖταιArist.Pr.885b6: hence, in rhythm, downward beat, opp. the upward (ἄρσις), Aristid.Quint.1.13, Bacch.Harm.98, etc.
VII. in prosody, θέσει μακρὰ συλλαβή long by position, opp. φύσει, D.T.632.30, Heph. 1.3: orig. prob. in signf. v.3, cf. Sch.D.T.p.206H.
2. θέσεις, αἱ, in punctuation, stops, Gramm.Lat.4.372 K.
VIII. part of a horse's hoof, “ θ. τοῦ ποδόςHippiatr.82.
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