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ῥάβδος , ,
A.rod, wand, Hom. (v. infr.), etc.; lighter than the βακτηρία or walking-stick, X.Eq.11.4 (but = βακτηρία, Ev.Matt.10.10, al.). —Special uses:
1. magic wand, as that of Circe, Od.10.238, 319, etc.; that with which Athena touched Odysseus, to restore his youthful appearance, “χρυσείῃ ῥάβδῳ ἐπεμάσσατο16.172; that with which Hermes overpowers the senses of man, Il.24.343; that with which Hades rules the ghosts, Pi.O.9.33; divining-rod, Hdt.4.67.
2. fishing-rod, Od.12.251.
3. limed twig, for catching small birds, Ar.Av.527.
4. shaft of a hunting-spear, X.Cyn.10.3,16.
5. staff of office, like the earlier σκῆπτρον, Pl.Ax.367a, LXX Ps.44(45).7, 109(110).2; carried by a βραβευτής, Phld.Vit.p.25J.:— dub. in A.Supp.248 for ῥαβδοῦχος.
6. wand borne by theῥαψῳδός, τὸν ἐπὶ ῥάβδῳ μῦθον ὑφαινόμενονCall.Fr.138 ( = Fr.3.10P.), cf. Paus. 9.30.3: hence κατὰ ῥάβδον ἐπέων according to the measure of his (Homer's) verses, Pi.I.4(3).38(56).
7. rod for chastisement, “. κοσμοῦσαPl.Lg.700c; μάστιξ . riding-switch, X.Eq.8.4; . βοηλάτις ox-goad, APl.4.200 (Mosch.); “ξαίνεσθαι ῥάβδοιςPlu.Alex.51, cf. AP 11.153 (Lucill.): of the fasces of the Roman lictors, Plb.11.29.6, D.H.4.11, Str.5.2.2, Plu.Publ.10, Luc.36; πρὸς πέντε ῥάβδους, = Lat. at (i.e. ad) quinque fasces (CIL8.7044 (Numidia)), OGI543.18 (Ancyra, ii A.D.), IGRom.3.175 (ibid., ii A.D.); cf. ῥαβδονόμος, ῥαβδοῦχος.
8. shepherd's staff or crook, LXXPs.22(23).4, Mi.7.14.
9. . κληρονομίας measuring-rod, ib.Ps.73(74).2.
II. young shoot of some trees, Ion Trag.40, Thphr.HP2.1.2.
III. streak or stripe on the skin of animals, “διαποίκιλα ῥάβδοιςArist.HA525a12; of fish, Clearch. 73; of clothes, Poll.7.53; fluting of a column, Supp.Epigr.4.448.7 (Didyma, ii B.C., pl.); of minerals, vein, Thphr.CP4.12.6, D.S.5.37; streak or shaft of light, Arist.Mete.377a30, Mu.395a31, Thphr.Sign.11.
IV. in Gramm.,
1. line, verse, Sch.Pi.I.4.63.
2. a critical mark, like ὀβελός, Hsch.
3. stroke forming a letter, Theodect.6.6.
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