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σοφ-ίζω ,
2. Pass., become or be clever or skilled in a thing, c. gen. rei, ναυτιλίης σεσοφισμένος skilled in seamanship, Hes.Op.649; “Μοίσαι σεσοφισμέναιIbyc.Oxy.1790.23; so ἐν τοῖς ὀνόμασι ς. X.Cyn. 13.6: abs., to become or be wise, freq. in LXX, Ec.7.24(23), al.; “βέλτερος ἀλκήεντος ἔφυ σεσοφισμένος ἀνήρPs.-Phoc.130.
3. Med., teach oneself, learn, ἐσοφίσατο ὅτι . . he became aware that . ., LXX 1 Ki.3.8.
II. Med. σοφίζομαι , with aor. Med. and pf. Pass. (v. infr.), practise an art, Thgn.19, IG12.678; play subtle tricks, deal subtly, E.IA744, D.18.227, etc.; οὐδὲν σοφιζόμεσθα τοῖσι δαίμοσι we use no subtleties in dealing with the gods, E.Ba.200; to be scientific, speculate, “περὶ τὸ ὄνομαPl.R.509d, cf. Plt.299b, Muson.Fr.3p.12H., etc.; σοφιζόμενος φάναι to say rationalistically, Pl.Phdr.229c; καίπερ οὕτω τούτου σεσοφισμένου though he has dealt thus craftily, D.29.28; σοφίσασθαι πρός τι to use fraud for an end, Plb.6.58.12; οἱ ἰητροὶ σοφιζόμενοι ἔστιν οἳ ἁμαρτάνουσι when they deal in subtleties, Hp.Fract. 1; οἱ μυθικῶς σοφ. Arist.Metaph.1000a18, cf. HA582a35, D.35.56; ς. πρὸς τὸν νόμον evade it, Plu.Dem.27.
b. ς. νόμον evade it, Philostr.VA2.40, cf. Ael.VH2.41, Palaeph.50, OGI383.208 (Commagene, i B.C.).
3. c. acc. pers., deceive, “τὸν ΤίτονJ.BJ4.2.3; “μή με σοφίζουAP12.25 (Stat. Flacc.); “τὸν δῆμονHdn.7.10.7; also “ς. τὴν αἴσθησινAret.SD 1.15.
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