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σύμπα_ς , σύμπα_σα, σύμπα^ν, Att. ξύμπας (ξύμπαντα in Od.7.214, 14.198, though the metre does not require it):—
A.all together, all at once, mostly (in Hom.always) in pl.; “υἷας Ἀχαιῶν σύμπανταςIl.1.241, etc.; σύμπασιν δ᾽ ὑμῖν, opp. εἷς ἕκαστος, Sol.11.6; “ξύμπαντά τ᾽ εἰπώνA.Fr. 350.3; “αἱ ς. ἡμέραιAntipho 6.44; “ς. τε θεῶν καὶ ἀνθρώπωνPl.Smp. 197e; “συμπάντων κεφάλαιονIG12.91.23; in Att. the Art. is usually added in the case of Numerals, πέντ᾽ ἦσαν οἱ ξ. S.OT752, cf. X.An.1.2.9, Pl.Prt.317c; but also without Art., “ξ. ἐγένοντο τετρακισχίλιοιTh.1.107.
II. in sg. with collective Nouns, the whole, “ ς. στρατόςHdt.7.82; στρατὸς ς. S.Ph.387; στρατῷ ξ. Id.Aj.1055; “τῷ ς. στρατῷId.Ph. 1257; ξ. λαός ib.1243; πόλις ξύμπασα the state as a whole, Th.2.60, 3.62; “ ς. δᾶμοςIG12(1).847.15 (Lindus); “τὴν ς. ἙλλάδαSor.Vit. Hippocr.5; “ς. φόροςIG12.64.8; “ς. πόλιςPl.R.423d, al.; also with some other Nouns, “Χρόνῳ σύμπαντιPi.O.6.56; “αἰῶνα τὸν σύμπανταE. Hec.757; ς. (sc. γῆ) S.Fr.411, cf. Ar.Nu.204; ξ. γνώμη the general scope (of a speech), Th.1.22; “ς. ὁδόςX.An.7.8.26; ς. ἀρετή, ς. πονηρία, Pl.Lg.630b, Grg.477c; “ς. ἀριθμόςId.R.525a; “ς. κεφάλαιονIG12.313.148; κεφάλαιον τόκου ξύμπαντος ib.324.101; “τὸ ς. πλάτοςSor.1.68, cf. 2.89; but, in Arithm., σύμπας the sum, Dioph.Polyg. 4 (c. gen., ibid.).--For the Att. position of the Art., v. πᾶς B.
2. τὸ ς. the whole together, the sum of the matter, “τὸ ς. εἶπαιHdt.7.143, cf. Th.7.49; the universe, Isoc.11.12; the whole, opp. τὸ μέρος, Pl. Phdr.246c, Arist.Top.135a22.
b. τὸ σύμπαν as Adv., altogether, on the whole, in general, Th.4.63, Isoc.2.17, etc.; so “σύμπανταPl.Lg. 679e; σύμπαν in all, with numerals, POxy.289.3 (i A.D.), etc. Cf. συνάπας.
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