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σύνταξις , εως, ,
2. generally, system, arrangement, organization, Pl.R.462c,591d, Ti. 24c; συσταθεῖσα ς. its organization, of the Assyrian empire, Id.Lg.685c; “τῆς πολιτείαςArist.Pol.1325a3; ὅλον τὸν τρόπον τῆς ς. (of the symmoriae) D.14.17; ς. μίαν εἶναι τὴν αὐτὴν τοῦ τε λαμβάνειν καὶ τοῦ ποιεῖν τὰ δέοντα one and the same system or rule for . . , Id.1.20, cf. 13.9; “ ς. τοῦ βίουAlex.162.10; the order or system of the world, Sosip.1.31; τῶν ὅλων, as a definition of εἱμαρμένη, Chrysipp.Stoic.2.293; “ς. βιβλιοθήκηςStr.13.1.54: also concrete, “εἰς τὰς σάρκας καὶ τὴν ἄλλην ς. τῶν μερῶνArist.Mete.355b10; συντάξιες [ἁρμονίης] musical modes, Hp.Vict.1.18, cf. Artemoap.Ath.14.636e; ς. τοῦ ἐνιαυτοῦ the composition or system of the year, the calendar year, OGI 56.43 (Canopus, iii B.C.); ς. τοῦ περιθύρου the framework, structure, Ephes.4(1) No.28 (v A.D.).
b. ἐκτὸς κοινῆς συντάξεως, = extra ordinem, of admission of envoys to the Senate, Supp.Epigr.3.378B18 (Delph., Roman law, ii/i B.C.).
3. composition, but more freq. concrete, systematic treatise, Arist.Rh.Al.1446a34, Plb.1.3.2, 1.4.2, al., Hipparch.1.1.8, Phld.Rh.1.130 S., D.H.Comp.4, Str.1.1.23; collection of treatises, composite volume, D.L.7.190 sqq.: pl., Ptol.Tetr. 16, Gal.19.200; rules for construction, Ph.Bel.55.18: but τοῦ μεγέθους ς. the scale, ib.57.10.
4. grammatical putting together of words, syntax, περὶ τῆς ς. τῶν λεγομένων, title of work by Chrysipp., Stoic.2.6, cf. Plu.2.731f (pl.); “τὴν ς. τῶν ὀνομάτωνGal.16.736, cf. 720; περὶ συντάξεως, title of work by A.D.; but also, compound forms, Id.Conj.214.7; ποιεῖσθαι μετά τινος τὴν ς. ib.221.19; also, rule for combination of sounds or letters, τὸ χ (in δέγμενος)“ εἰς γ μετεβλήθη, τῆς ς. οὕτως ἀπαιτούσηςEM252.45, cf. Luc.Jud. Voc.3; also, connected speech, ἐν τῇ ς. ἐγκλιτέον Sch.Il.16.85.
II. = σύνταγμα, body of troops, εἰς τοὺς μυρίους ς. their contingent towards . . , X.HG5.2.37; ς. Ἑλληνική the combined forces of Greece, Plu.Arist.21.
b. company, troupe of entertainers, PColumbia 441 (JEA18.16).
2. covenant, previous arrangement, “ἐκ τῶν Πατρῶν κατὰ τὴν ς. ἔπλειPlb.5.3.3; κατὰ τὴν τοῦ Ἀριανοῦ ς. at the time and place arranged by A., Id.8.16.5; “ὥσπερ ἀπὸ συντάξεως ἥκοντας τὴν αὐτὴν λέγειν γνώμηνPlu.2.813b; ordinance or resolution, SIG577.8 (Milet., iii/ii B.C.).
3. assigned impost, tribute, levy, D.5.13; χρημάτων ς. Id.18.234; κοινωνεῖν τῆς ς. Aeschin.3.96; “ς. ὑποτελεῖνIsoc.7.2; “διδόναιId.8.29, D.58.37, cf. Theopomp.Hist. 92, OGI1.14 (Epist. Alex. Magni); “κατ᾽ ἄνδρα τελούντων σύνταξινPTeb.103.1 (i B.C.), cf. 189 (i B.C.); ὑφίσταται τοῦ ζυτοπωλίου . . ς. δώσειν εἰς τὸ βασιλικὸν τὴν ἡμέραν κριθῶνἀρταβῶνιβ́, i.e. undertakes to deliver the product (in beer) of 12 artabae of barley per day, PCair.Zen.199.4 (iii B.C.), cf. PPetr.3pp.219,221 (iii B.C.), PRev.Laws47.1,48.13 (iii B.C.), PLille9.7 (iii B.C.); λαϊκὴ ς., = λαογραφία, PMich.Teb.121r11 viii 2 (i A.D.).
4. subvention, pension, D.8.21,23 (pl.), Plu.Alex.21, Luc.2; “συντάξεις τῶν ἀναγκαίωνD.S.1.75; “εἰς τὰς συντάξ<ε>ις ἱερῶνPTeb.5.54 (ii B.C.), cf. UPZ40.6 (ii B.C.), PSI 10.1151.9 (ii A.D.); pay of soldiers and officers, PStrassb.105.2 (iii B.C.), D.S.5.46, Luc.DMeretr.15.3; salary of a barber, PEnteux. 47.3 (iii B.C.); of the librarian of the Museum, “ς. βασιλικήAth.11.493f.
5. ὅσοι . . ἐν συντάξει ἔχουσιν κώμας καὶ γῆν, i.e. those who hold land in assignment, i.e. are in receipt of revenue from land (without themselves administering it), PRev.Laws43.12 (iii B.C.), cf. PTeb.705.6 (iii B.C., restd.); ἐπὶ τῆς ς. the official administrator of land so granted, PCair.Zen.73.11 (iii B.C.); “ ἐπὶ συντάξεωςPLille 4.24 (iii B.C.); “ἀπαιτούμεθα τὸν τῆς ς. στέφανονBGU1851.3 (i B.C.); τῶν φερομένων ἐν τῇ τῶν μαχίμων ς. reckoned in the assignment to the μάχιμοι, PTeb.60.27 (ii B.C.); πρὸς τῇ ς. τῶν κατοίκων ἱππέων ib.31.6 (ii B.C.); πρὸς ταῖς ς. PRein.7.29 (ii B.C.).
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