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συμβουλ-εύω ,
A.advise, counsel, c. dat. pers. et inf., advise one to do a thing, Hdt.1.53,59, 2.107, Th.1.65, etc.; οὐ συμβουλεύων Ε´ρξῃ στρατεύεσθαι advising him not . ., Hdt.7.46: rarely c. acc. et inf., συμβουλεύω . . συμβῆναι ὑμᾶς I advise that you should . ., Pl.Prt. 337e, cf. Gal.16.501.
2. without inf., “ς. τινί τιHdt.1.71, etc.; “ὅτι ἂν δύνωνται ἀγαθὸν ἈθηναίοιςIG12.106.19; “τοῖς ὀλίγον διαπνεομένοις ἀσιτίανGal.15.508; “τινὶ περί τινοςPl.Prt.319d, etc.; “εὖ ς. τινίThgn.38; ς. τι recommend a measure, “τὰ ἄρισταHdt.7.237; “χρηστόν τιAr.Nu.793; “πορείανX.An.5.6.12, etc.: but c. acc. cogn., ς. συμβουλάς give advice, Pl.Grg.520d:—Pass., συμβουλεύεταί τι advice is given, Id.Ep.330d; “τὰ παρὰ τῶν θεῶν συμβουλευόμεναX.Cyr. 1.6.2; “τὰ συμβουλευθένταIsoc.3.13; “τὰ -βεβουλευμέναres de consilii sententia actae, IG7.413.58 (Oropus, i B.C., Senatus consultum); of persons, to be advised, “ὑπό τινοςPOxy.118.3 (iii A.D.).
II. Med., consult with a person, i.e. ask his advice, τινι Hdt.2.107, Pl. Ep.331a, Thg.122a, etc.; τι in a matter, Th.8.68; ς. τι μετά τινος debate a matter with another, Ar.Nu.475: abs., consult, deliberate, X.Cyr.2.1.7, etc.—Act. and Med. opposed, συμβουλευομένου ἂν συμβουλεύσειε τὰ ἄριστα if one asked his advice he would give him the best, Hdt.7.237; [“τοῖς Ἕλλησι] συμβουλευομένοις συνεβούλευσε τάδεX.An.2.1.17.
2. = Act., Sch.Hes.Sc.338, f.l. in X.HG6.5.34.
3. agree, make a contract, “θύρας λιθίνης ἧς συνεβουλεύσατο κόψαιPMich.Zen.37.3 (iii B.C.).
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