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συμμείγνυ_μι (freq. written σύμμεθ-μιγ- in codd.), Ar.Av.701 (Pass.), E. Supp.224, etc.; more rarely συμμεθ-ύω , X.Mem.3.14.5, impf. Id.Cyr.7.1.26, etc.; imper.
A.συμμείγνυPl.Phlb.25d; Ep. and Ion. pres. συμμίσγω , as always in Hom., Thgn., Hdt., sts. in Att. (Th.7.6, Pl.Lg. 678c, Phlb.23d) and later Prose, SIG1025.8 (Cos, iv/iii B.C.) (“συμμείσγωPTeb.716.3 (ii B.C.), 12.7 (ii B.C.)): fut. -μ<ε>ίξω X.Cyr.2.1.11, etc. (v. μείγνυμι): aor. συνέμειξα until iii B.C., PCair.Zen.545.13, 596.4 (other passages s.v. μείγνυμι), and sts. later, OGI751.3 (Attalus II, ii B.C.), 763.3 (Eumenes II, ii B.C.), BGU1784.2 (i B.C.), etc.; -μιξ- first in late iii B.C. (v. μείγνυμι) and freq. f.l. in codd., as of h.Ven.50, 251, Pi.O.3.9, etc.: pf. “-μέμι^χαPlb.16.10.1, 38.13.5, Apollon.Perg.Con.Praef.:—Med., fut. -μ<ε>ίξομαι, in pass. sense, Thgn.1245, Bacis ap. Hdt.8.77:—mix together, commingle; the Act. first in h.Merc.81, h.Ven.50, 250, though the Pass. occurs in Il. (v. infr.); of two things, both in acc., συμμίσγων μυρίκας καὶ μυρσινοειδέας ὄζους h.Merc. l.c.; βοὰν αὐλῶν ἐπέων τε θέσιν συμμ<ε>ῖξαι Pi.O.3.9, etc.: c. acc. et dat. rei, “τοῦτο . . γάλακτι συμμίσγοντεςHdt.4.23; πῶς κεδνὰ τοῖς κακοῖσι συμμ<ε>ίξω; A.Ag.648, cf. Pl.R.415a, etc.; or c. acc. only, ὀργὴν συμμίσγων mixing in, adding, Thgn.214; συμμ<ε>ίξαντες τὰ στρατόπεδα having combined them, Hdt.4.114; “ἐς τὠυτὸ ῥέεθρον τὸ ὕδωρ συμμίσγοντεςId.7.127:—rarely in Med., χρώματα συμμ<ε>ίξασθαι Poll.7.128:—Pass., with fut. Med. (v. supr.), to be commingled, “ γε Πηνειῷ συμμίσγεταιIl.2.753; “συμμίσγεται τῷ ἼστρῳHdt.4.48; “οὔποθ᾽ ὕδωρ καὶ πῦρ συμμείξεταιThgn.1245; “ς. θαλίαισι νέκταρSapph.5; “οὐρανὸς ς. τῇ γῇE.Cyc.578; “ἀπὸ πλείστωνHp.Aër. 8; τινι or πρὸς ἄλληλα, Pl.Ti.83c,57d; join forces, of two armies, Th.2.31; to be formed by combination, opp. διακρίνομαι, Anaxag. 17; ἐξ ἀμφοῖν συμμ<ε>ιχθείς Pl.Phlb.22a, cf. 23d: metaph., εἶναι οὐδένα τῷ κακὸν οὐ συνεμ<ε>ίχθη there is none who has not misery as an ingredient in his fate, Hdt.7.203; cf. “συγκεράννυμι; συμμεμ<ε>ιγμένος Ἑλληνικὸς καὶ βαρβαρικὸς παιώνLys.2.38; συμμιγέντων τούτων πάντων when all these things happened together, Hdt.8.38.
3. Med. and Pass., associate with persons, Hdt.6.138; ἀνοσίοισι συμμιγεὶς . . ἀνδράσιν mixed up, connected with ungodly men, A.Th.611.
4. metaph., τινὰ εὐθαλεῖ τύχᾳ introduce him to, make him acquainted with high fortune, Pi.P.9.72; χρῆμα δὲ συμμ<ε>ίξῃς μηδενί communicate it not to any one, Thgn.64; κοινόν τι πρῆγμα συμμ<ε>ῖξαί τινι communicate to one a subject of common interest, Hdt.8.58; ς. συμβόλαια form mutual contracts, Pl.Lg. 958c.
II. intr. in Act., in sense like the Pass., have dealings or intercourse with, associate or communicate with, κακοῖσι, ἀγαθοῖς, Thgn.36,1165, cf. Hdt.4.151, etc.; “πονηροῖς ἀνθρώποιςD.32.11; “ΔιονυσίῳPhld.Acad.Ind. p.7 M.; ς. πρός τινα join him, X.HG1.3.7: generally, meet for conversation or traffic, Hdt.2.63, 6.23, etc.; ς. τινί talk or converse with, Id.1.123, E.Hel.324, Ar.Ec.516 (anap.), X.Cyr.8.1.46; “διὰ λόγων ς. τινίPl.Plt.258a; “πρός τιναX.Cyr.7.4.11; Ἱέραξ παρὰ σοῦ συμμείξας BGUl.c.; of ambassadors interviewing kings, OGI ll. cc.
2. of sexual intercourse, Pl.Lg. 930d.
3. in hostile sense, meet in close fight, come to blows, engage, τινι with one, Hdt.1.127, 6.14, Th.7.6, etc.: abs., Id.1.49, 8.104, X. An.4.6.24; also “ς. τῇ ναυμαχίῃHdt.1.166; “ς. τινὶ ἐς μάχηνId.4.127, etc.; “ς. ὁμόσε τισίX.Cyr.7.1.26; ς. εἰς χεῖράς τινι ib.2.1.11; of ships, Th.2.84: c. acc., νείκεα συνμείσχιν συμμείξειν)“ πόλεμόν θ᾽ ἅμαIG12.920.
4. generally, meet, “τοῖς ἄλλοις εἰς λιμέναX.An. 6.3.24, cf. PEleph.29.11 (iii B.C.), etc.; θάλατται πρὸς ἀλλήλας ς. Arist.Mete.354a1; “ποταμοὶ ς. ἀλλήλοιςD.S.2.37.
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