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συναρπάζω , fut.
A.-άσωE.IA535, Luc.DDeor.8.1, “-άσομαιAr.Lys. 437, Xenarch.8:—snatch and carry away with one, carry clean away, S.OC819, E.Or.1493 (lyr.), X.Mem.1.4.8, PSI4.353.12 (iii B.C.), Gal.6.301, etc.; “ξ. [τινὰ] βίᾳA.Pers.195; “βίᾳ ἐκ τῆς ὁδοῦ ς. τινάςLys.3.46, cf. 12.96; “πάντα ς. ὥσπερ θύελλαS.El.1150; κρατῶν ἅμα πάντα ς. X.Cyr.4.2.26; ἀετὸς τὸν λαγὼ ς. ib.2.4.19; seize and retain, “οὐ δύνανται συναρπάζειν αἱ μῆτραι τὸν γόνονHp.Aër.21: metaph., carry away with one (by persuasive arguments), ξυναρπάσαςστρατόνE.IA531, cf. Call.Epigr.32.5, Longin.16.2, Gal.UP3.10; οὐδένα ὑμῶν συναρπάζω I am not 'rushing' you, Diog.Oen.24; ς. ἑαυτὸν εἰς τὸ ἄνω, of mystical union with the One, Plot.5.3.4:—Pass., to be seized and carried off, “βία ξυναρπασθεῖσανS.Aj.498; “ς. βουκόλων ὕποId.Fr.659; by death, Phld.Mort.37.
2. ξ. Χεῖρας seize and pin them together, E.Hec.1163, cf. Lys.Fr.75.4:—Med., ξ. τινὰ μέσον, of a wrestler, Ar.Lys.437.
3. metaph., ξ. φρενί seize with the mind, grasp, S.Aj.16, cf. Ar.Nu.775; “τὸ ῥηθένSimyl. ap. Stob.4.18.4; ς. τὸ ζητούμενον, in arguing, to be guilty of a petitio principii, Luc. JTr.38, S.E.P.2.35, etc.; so συνήρπασται εἰς κτητικὴν σύνταξιν is hastily concluded to have a possessive force, A.D.Synt.165.9.
4. carry away, destroy all traces of, τι Luc.Dom.16.
5. Pass., of persons, “συνηρπασμένοιhaving been robbed, PRyl.119.28 (i A.D.).
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