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συνεχής , ές,
A.holding together:
I. of Space, continuous, Parm. 8.6,25, Arist.Metaph.1069a5, Ph.200b18, al.; of quantity, opp. διωρισμένος, Id.Cat.4b20; “ς. νῶτονPl.R.616e; συνεχὲς ποικίλον a continuity of variety, Id.Phd.110d; “ς. οἰκήματαTh.3.21.
b. c. dat., continuous with or contiguous to, in a line with, Hdt.4.22, E.Hipp. 226 (anap.), Arist.Mete.339a22, Mu.392a23, etc.: less freq. c. gen., ib.393a29 (s. v.l.); “τομαὶ ς. ἀπὸ μιᾶς μέχρι τῶν δέκαPl.Lg.738a: abs., “ς. ἦσαν ΚίλικεςPlb.30.25.4, cf. Str.11.6.2.
3. Math., of proportions, ς. ἀναλογία continued proportion (opp. διῃρημένη), i.e. three terms in geometrical progression, Arist.EN1131a33, Archim.Aequil.2.9; “κατὰ τὸ ς. ἀνάλογονId.Sph. Cyl.2.5, etc.
b. successive, of integers as terms in a series, Theol.Ar.54; of middle terms in argument, Arist.APo.87b6.
4. of things, continuous, conjoined, Id.HA509b13, etc.; folld. by a Prep., ς. πρός τι ib.495b20; of substance, clinging, dense, “τὸ γλίσχρασμα [τῆς πτισάνης] λεῖον καὶ ς . . . ἐστιHp.Acut.10, cf. Gal. 6.822; ἀήρ, ἔλαιον, Plu.2.396a,696b; τὸ πυκνὸν καὶ ς. ib.701f; [“γάλα] λεῖον καὶ ὁμαλὸν καὶ ς. ἑαυτῷSor.1.91.
II. of Time, continuous, unintermitting, ς. πυρετός, opp. διαλείπων, Hp.Aph.3.21; sts. distd. from σύνοχος πυρετός, Anon. ap. Gal.17(1).220; “ς. καύματα καὶ πυρετούςPl. Ti.86a; [θερμότης] Thphr.Ign.33; “κίνησιςId.Lass.15; “πόνος -έστεροςTh.7.81; πόλεμος διὰ βίου ς. Pl.Lg.625e; συνουσία, βασιλεία, X.Smp.8.18 (Comp.), Ages.1.4; “πότοιMen.914, cf. Sophil. 3; “ς. κακοπαθίαιOGI244.12 (Daphne, ii B.C.); ς. γίνεσθαι, πνεῖν, of winds, Arist.Mete.362a11,26, Thphr.Vent.1; “τὸ ἀκρίτως ξ. τῆς ἁμίλληςTh.7.71; τὸ ς. ἔργου (prob. for ἔργον) Anaxandr.63; τοῦ δήμου τὸ ς. continuous intercourse with . . , Plu.Per.7; κατὰ τὸ ς. continuously, Plb. 2.2.7; consecutively, in what follows, Gal.15.116; ἐκ τούτου κατὰ τὸ ς. immediately after that, ib.902.
III. of persons, constant, persevering, X.Oec.21.9; “ἐν ταῖς . . πρὸς τὰ πάθη διαμάχαιςPlu.2.74c; cf. Poll.4.20, 6.147.
B. Adv. συ^νεχῶς, Ep. and Ion. -έως (v. sub fin.):
I. mostly of Time, continually, continuously, unremittingly, Hes.Th.636, Hdt. 7.16.γ́, E.IA1008, IG12.57.54, etc.; “ξ. πολεμεῖνTh.2.1, cf. 1.11, 5.24, Antipho 6.44; “συνεχέως αἰείHdt.1.67, cf. Pl.Lg.706a; ἀεὶ ς. ib.807e; οἱ ς. ἐτῶν οὐκ ὀλίγων ἐφεξῆς γενόμενοι (v.l. γιν-)“ λιμοίGal.6.749: Comp. “-έστερονA.D.Pron.65.17: Sup. “-έσταταX.Mem.4.2.6.
b. without leaving an interval, immediately, “ἐπίθυε . . , καὶ λέγε τὸν λόγον συνεχῶς τὸν τῆς ἐπικλήσεωςPMag.Par.1.1865, cf. BGU451.15 (i/ii A.D.), PFlor.332.18 (ii A.D.); “δίδοται πρὸς τὰ θανάσιμα ς. πινόμενον καὶ ἐξεμούμενονDsc.1.30; βδέλλας καύσας καὶ λεάνας χρῶ ς. προεκτίλας (sc. superfluous eyelashes) Aët.7.69.
3. rarely of Space, “ς. εἶναι πᾶσαν οἰκουμένηνArist.Mete. 362b29; “ς. μέχρι . . Plb.2.14.6.
II. συνεχές as Adv. freq. in Ep., as Il.12.26; strengthd., ς. αἰεί unceasing ever, Od.9.74; also in Pi. I.4(3).65(83), Ar.Eq.21, and freq. in later Ep., Arat.20, Call.Ap.60, etc.; also in later Prose, Luc.Somn.4, D.L.2.32, al. [“συ_νεχέςHom. ll. cc. and “συ_νεχέωςHes. l. c., B.5.113, metri gr.; also Theoc.20.12, A.R.1.1271.]
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