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συντάσσω , Att. συντάρρ-ττω ,
A.put in order together, esp. as a military term, draw up, put in array, Hdt.7.78, Th.8.28, X.HG4.8.28, etc.; ς. πεζοὺς αὐτοῖς (sc. τῷ ἱππικῷ) draw up the foot with the horse, ib. 7.5.24:—Pass., to be drawn up in order of battle, E.HF191, X.Cyr. 1.4.18, etc.; μάλιστα ξυντεταγμένοι παντὸς τοῦ στρατοῦ in the best order of all the army, Th.3.108; “μεθ᾽ ὅπλων συντεταγμένοιD.21.223; τισι or μετά τινων with others, X.HG1.2.15, Vect.2.3, cf. Cyr. 6.4.14, etc.:—Med., form in order of battle, “ὁμόσε χωρῶμεν ξυνταξάμενοιAr.Lys.452: Med. also trans., συνταξάμενος βαθεῖαν τὴν φάλαγγα having drawn up his phalanx in deep order, X.HG2.4.34.
b. place under command of, “τινὶ τάξινArr.An.4.24.10:— Pass., metaph., “τὰ πάθη τῇ τοῦ λογισμοῦ ἡγεμονίᾳ CA19p.461M.
c. place in the same class, c. dat., Plot.6.1.25, Dam. Pr.1, al.
2. Pass., of single persons, to be collected, resolute, “συντεταγμένος στρατηγόςX.HG4.8.22; περὶ παίδων ἀγωγὴν ἄκρως ς. D.L.5.65; so of the mind, πρὶν ξυνταχθῆναι . . τὴν δόξαν before they have time to get their thoughts collected, Th.5.9 (ξυνταθῆναι is prob. cj.); “ ἐπὶ τοῦ συντετάχθαι . . φρόνησις οὖσαAmphis 33.4; ἔφοδος ἐνεργὸς καὶ ς. Plb.3.19.5.
2. of taxation, assess, IG12.63.17; “σύνταγμα συντάξας εἰς ἑκατὸν ταλάντων πρόσοδονAeschin.3.95:—Pass., to be organized for paying contributions, ib.97, D.13.3,9; but τὸ συντεταγμένον the assessed sum, Arist.Pol.1330a7:—Med., agree to such assessment, D.27.7, cf. 28.8; τι εἰς τροφὴν συνταξάμενος ἐδίδου gave an allowance for food, Aeschin.1.102: cf. “σύνταξις11.3.
3. compose or compile a narrative or book, Plb.2.40.4, Plu.Brut.4:—Med., Pl.Phdr.263e, Plb.1.3.8, Gal.19.221: abs., write a book, Plb.9.2.2; “οἱ τὰ Ῥωμαϊκὰ συνταξάμενοιD.H.4.7; ς. ὑπόθεσιν treat of . . , Id.Comp.4:—Pass., “προοίμιον συντεταγμένον εἴς τιPl.Lg.930e, cf. Aeschin.3.201.
4. c. inf., ordain, prescribe, order, “δασμοὺς ἀποφέρειν τινάςX.Cyr.8.6.8, cf. Aeschin.2.22, PEnteux.27.13, 84.10,16 (iii B.C.), PCair.Zen.28.1, al. (iii B.C.), Plb.3.50.9, PStrassb.100.21 (ii B.C.): without inf., “συντάξαντος ἡμῖν ἈμύντουPCair.Zen.27.1 (iii B.C.); καθὼς συνέταξεν αὐτοῖς Ἰησοῦς v. l. for προσέταξεν in Ev.Matt.21.6.
5. Gramm., combine in interpretation, “τοῖς προειρημένοις συντάττουσι ταῦταGal.15.897, cf. 16.533 (Pass.); construct or construe a word, “τὰ ἀρρενικὰ τοῖς θηλυκοῖςD.H.Amm.2.11, cf. A.D.Conj.218.10; “τὴν ἐν πρόθεσιν μετὰ γενικῆςGreg.Cor. p.44S.:—Pass., A.D.Pron.69.15, D.L.7.64; συντάσσεται ἀπὸ γενικῆς εἰς αἰτιατικήν (e.g. ἀφαιρῶ σοῦ τόδε) Thom.Mag.p.33R.; cf. “συντακτός, σύνταξις1.4.
b. Pass., to be added to, c. dat., A.D.Pron.38.1; of syllables, τὸ σκλα καὶ στρα συντετάξεται Id.Synt.313.16.
IV. Med., take leave of one, bid him farewell, τινι Charito 8.4, Men.Rh. p.430S., AP9.171 (Pall.); cf. ἀποτάσσω IV.
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