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τα^νύω , Il.17.391, etc.: fut.
A.-ύσωAP5.261 (Paul. Sil.); Ep. “-ύωOd.21.152,174, “τανύσσωOrph.L.181: aor. ἐτάνυ^σα, Ep. “ἐτάνυσσαOd.24.177; “τάνυσσαIl.14.389; part. “τανύσαςHp.Steril.244:—Med., Ep.fut. τανύσσομαι in pass. sense, Archil.3: Ep. aor. part. “τανυσσάμενοςIl.4.112:—Pass., 3sg. pf. “τετάνυσταιOd.9.116; part. “τετανυμένοςGal.13.991, τετανυμμένος (sic) Dioscorus in PLit.Lond.98 ii 10: 3 fut. “τετανύσσεταιOrph.L.324: aor. “ἐτανύσθηνHes.Th.177, etc., Ep. 3pl. “τάνυσθενIl.16.475, Od.16.175. [υ^ always, exc. ἐκτανυ_ειν (s.v.l.) in Anacreont.35.5.] Ep. Verb (used twice by Pi., never by Trag.):—stretch, strain, “βοείηνIl.17.390,391; ἶριν ib. 547; τ. βιόν string a bow, Od.24.177; οὐ μὲν ἐγὼ τανύω I cannot string it, 21.152, cf. 171,174 (so in Med., τὸ μὲν [τόξον] . . τανυσσάμενος having strung his bow, Il.4.112, cf. Archil.3); of putting the strings to a harp, “ῥηϊδίως ἐτάνυσσε νέῳ περὶ κόλλοπι χορδήνOd.21.407 (also in Med., “ὀΐων ἐτανύσσατο χορδάςh.Merc.51); τ. κανόνα pull the weaving-bar in, in weaving, Il.23.761; ὅππως . . τανύσῃ βοέοισιν ἱμᾶσιν how to urge on [the horses], ib.324; ἐπὶ Ἀκράγαντι τανύσσας (sc. ὀϊστούς) having aimed them, Pi.O.2.91; ἐπ᾽ Ἰσθμῷ ἅρμα τάνυεν was driving it to the Isthmus, ib.8.49; τ. ὦτα λόγοις lend attentive ear, AP7.562 (Jul.); τ. ὄμμα ἐπί τινος, ἐς οὐρανόν, ib.5.261 (Paul. Sil.), 9.188:—Pass., to be stretched or strained, γναθμοὶ τάνυσθεν (for ἐτανύσθησαν) the hollow cheeks filled out, Od.16.175; “τετάνυστο λαίφεαA.R.1.606.
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