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τεῖχος , εος, τό,
A.wall, esp. city-wall, “Ἰλιόφι κλυτὰ τείχεαIl.21.295, cf. 446, Od.6.9, al.; of the embankment round the ships, “τάφρος Δαναῶν καὶ τ. ὕπερθενIl.12.4, cf. 25 sqq.; τ. ἐς ἀμφίχυτον (of heapedup earth) 20.145; Κιμμέρια τ. earthworks, Hdt.4.12; but “τ. λάϊναE.Tr.1087 (lyr.), cf. Th.1.93, etc.; “λίθοις οὓς ἔλιπον εἰς τὸ τ. ἀναλίσκοντεςIG12.81.9; ξύλινον τεῖχος exceptionally, Orac. ap. Hdt.7.141, cf. 8.51, 9.65, Th.2.75, X.HG1.3.4, Orac. ap. Ar.Eq.1040 (Pi. uses this phrase for a funeral pile, P.3.38); “τ. χάλκεονOd.10.3; τ. σιδηροῦν, τείχη χαλκᾶ καὶ ἀδαμάντινα, Ar.Eq.1046, Aeschin.3.84; τειχέων κιθῶνες coats of walls, i.e. walls one within the other, Hdt.7.139; τεῖχος ἐλαύνειν, v. ἐλαύνω 111.2; “τ. ἔδειμανIl.7.436; “οἰκοδομέεινHdt. 1.98, cf. Ar.Av.1132, etc. (τ. οἰκοδομήσασθαι to build oneself walls, Th.7.11); “τ. ἄξεινId.6.99; “τὰ τ. στῆσαιD.20.74; “τ. περιβάλλειν ταῖς πόλεσιArist.Pol.1331a3; τ. περιβαλέσθαι build walls round one's city, Hdt.1.141, cf. Th.1.8, etc. (also “τ. περιβαλέσθαι τὴν πόλινHdt.1.163:—hence Pass., τεῖχος περιβεβλημένος having a wall round it, Pl.Tht.174e; τείχη περιβεβλημένοι, of citizens, Arist.Pol. 1331a8); but also νῆσον περιβάλλεσθαι τείχει surround one's island with walls, Pl.Criti.116a; τ. ῥήξασθαι breach the wall, Il.12.90, cf.257; “τεῖχος ἀναρρήξας7.461; so in Prose, τ. διαιρεῖν, περιαιρέειν, κατελεῖν κατασκάψαι, etc., Th.2.75, Hdt.6.46,48, Th.4.109, etc.
2. τὰ μακρὰ τ., at Athens, lines of wall connecting the city-wall ( περίβολος) and the harbours, Th.2.13; they were called respectively τὸ βόρειον or Peiraic, and τὸ νότιον or Phaleric wall (Pl.R.439e, Aeschin. 2.173, 174), cf. “σκέλος11: an intermediate wall (τὸ διὰ μέσου τ. Pl.Grg.455e) ran parallel to the northern, which was therefore called also τὸ ἔξωθεν, Th.2.13: the quarter inside the walls is sts. called τὸ μακρὸν τ. Long Wall, And.1.45.
II. fortification, castle, fort, Pi.Fr.213, Hdt.3.14,91, etc.
III. walled, fortified town or city, Id.9.41,115, X.Cyr.7.5.13, etc.
IV. wall of a temple, PEleph.20.52 (iii B.C.); of a house, PHamb.15.8 (iii A.D.), PStrassb. 9.8 (iv A.D.), etc. (Cf. Skt. dehmi 'anoint, smear, plaster', Goth. digan 'mould, create (= πλάσσω)', daigs 'dough', Lat. fingo, figura, Osc. feihúss 'walls', etc.)
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