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τομ-εύω ,
A.= τέμνω, Hsch. -ή, , τέμνω) end left after cutting, stump of a tree, ἐπεὶ δὴ πρῶτα τομὴν ἐν ὄρεσσι λέλοιπεν [τὸ σκῆπτρον] Il.1.235; ῥιζῶν τομαί the ends of the roots (left by cutting away the tree), S.Fr.534.5 (anap.); ὀπὸν . . στάζοντα τομῆς ib.2; δοκοῦ τ. end of a beam, Th.2.76; “ τοῦ καλάμου τ.Thphr.HP4.11.7, cf. Theoc.10.46; λίθοι ἐν τομῇ ἐγγώνιοι stones cut square, Th.1.93 (sed leg. ἐντομῇ; σκέψαι τομῇ προσθεῖσα βόστρυχον having fitted the lock to the place from which it was cut, A.Ch.229 (σκέψαιτο μὴ cod. M, distinxit Turnebus); πρὸς τὴν τ. μεταστρέφειν to the cut, Pl.Smp. 190e, cf. Arist.HA532a4.
2. Math., section, as a circle is the section of a sphere, a conic section of the cone, Arist.Mete.375b32, Pr.912a13, cf. App.Anth.4.74 (Synesius); with or without κοινή, the line in which two planes cut each other, Arist.Metaph.1060b14, Euc.11.16, Archim. Con.Sph.11, al., Apollon.Perg.Con.1.4, etc.; point of intersection of two lines, Archim.Spir.20, al., Ptol.Alm.3.3, etc.: abstract use, περὶ διωρισμένης τ. On determinate section, name of lost treatise of Apollon.Perg.; τὰ περὶ τὴν τ. the theorems about the section (sc. in extreme and mean ratio), Euc.p.67 F.:—in conic sections, τομαὶ ἀντικείμεναι opposite sections, i.e. branches of hyperbola, Apollon.Perg.Con.2.15; συζυγεῖς τ. conjugate sections of hyperbolas, ib.17.
3. incision or insection between parts of an insect's body (whence their name of ἔντομα), Arist.PA682b25.
4. εἰς ἄπειρον τ. infinite divisibility, Epicur.Ep.1p.16U.
II. cutting, cleaving, ἐν τομᾷ σιδάρου by stroke of iron, S.Tr.887 (lyr.); “πελέκεως τ.E.El.160 (lyr.); “φασγάνου τομαίId.Or.1101; cutting off or down,ξύλουS.Tr.700; vine-cutting, PCair.Zen. 736.29 (iii B.C.); cutting up,εἰς τ. καὶ προσαγωγὴν χάλικοςPPetr.3p.290 (iii B.C.); hewing,λίθωνIG12.336.7, 11, SIG244 ii 58 (Delph., iv B.C.), IG42(1).106i19, al. (Epid., iv B.C.).
3. castration, Luc. Philops.2.
4. τ. φαρμάκων shredding of drugs, Conon 23.2.
5. pruning,ἀμπέλωνThphr.CP3.14.2, Paus.2.38.3.
6. σκυτῶν τ. cutting or shaping of leather, Pl.Chrm.173d.
7. αἱ τ. τῆς γῆς, i.e. canals, Lib. Or.18.232.
III. severance, separation,τ. καὶ διάκρισιςPl.Ti.61d, cf. 80e; of number, division, Id.Lg.738a; τομὴν ἔχειν ἔν τινι to admit a distinction in . . , ib.944b; χρονικαὶ τ. distinctions of tenses, A.D.Synt.10.18; process of division (sc. μεγέθους), Nicom. Ar.1.2.
2. logical division, Pl.Plt.261a, Arist.APo.95b30, Metaph. 1038a28, Gal.10.899.
3. metaph., conciseness or precision in expression, Eun.VSp.461B.
4. τ. πράγματος, = decisio, Gloss.
IV. a cut, wound, Arist.HA632a18, Aen.Tact.11.14: metaph., wound,πόλις δεδεγμένη τ.Plu.Cor.16, cf. Per.11.
2. caesura in verse, Aristid.Quint.1.24; more generally, break between successive words, Hermog.Id.2.10, Heph.15.2, al., Eust.740.1.
V. edge, cutting power,σιδήρουArr.Tact.12.2.
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