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τρέω , Hom. (v. infr.), A.Th.790 (lyr.): Ep. impf.
A.τρέονHes.Sc. 213, 2dual τρεέτην ib. 171: aor. “ἔτρεσαIl.11.745, Ep. “τρέσσα17.603: later Ep. pres. τρείω Opp.C.1.417, (ὑπο-) Timo 58.4:—this Verb is never contracted, except when the contraction is into ει:— flee from fear, flee away (Aristarch. held this to be the usual meaning in Homer), “τρεῖν μ᾽ οὐκ ἐᾷ ΠαλλάςIl.5.256; “μήτε . . τρέε μήτε τι τάρβει21.288; “τρέσσε δὲ παπτήνας11.546, 17.603; τρεῖτ᾽ ἄσπετον ib.332: the sense of fleeing is most apparent in the phrases “ἔτρεσαν ἄλλυδις ἄλλος11.745, “τρέσσαν δ᾽ ἄλλυδις ἄλληOd.6.138, “τ. τεῖχος ὕποIl.22.143; “τρεέτηνHes.Sc.171; “μὴ τρέσητεA.Supp.711; μὴ τρέσας without fear, Id.Th.436; “οὐδὲν τρέσαςPl.Phd.117b; but,
2. τρέσας (cf. “ἀνδρῶν τρεσσάντωνIl.14.522, Tyrt.11.14) was a technical term at Sparta, and sts. used where we might say runaway, coward, τρέσας ἈριστόδημοςHdt.7.231, cf. Tyrt.l.c., AP7.230 (Eryc.); “οἱ ἐν τῇ μάχῃ καταδειλιάσαντες, οὓς αὐτοὶ τρέσαντας ὀνομάζουσιPlu.Ages.30, cf. Lyc. 21, 2.191c, etc.:—and later a real Subst. was used in Com., τρεσᾶς , τρεσᾶ, acc. τρεσᾶν, Eust.772.12, cf. Gramm. ap. Gaisford Choeroboscus1p.43.
3. in Argive Prose, like Att. φεύγω, to be banished,τρἐτο_ καὶ δαμευέσσθο_IG4.554 (vi/v B. C.).
II. trans., fear, dread, be afraid of, c. acc., Il.11.554, Pi.Pae.4.40, A.Th.397, Ag.549, al., S. Ant.1042, E.Ph.1077; “ἄρκτον . . οὐκ ἔτρεσενX.An.1.9.6:—so also c. gen., κελάδοιο, δηϊοτῆτος, Hes.Th.850: τ. μὴ . . A.Th.790 (lyr.).— Rare in Prose. (Cf. Skt. trásati 'to be terrified', Gr. ἄτρεστος.
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