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τυφλός , ή, όν,
A.blind, once in Hom., Il.6.139, cf. h.Ap.172, freq. in other writers; “τυφλὸς ἐκ δεδορκότοςS.OT454; τ. Ἄρης, Πλοῦτος, Id.Fr.838, Theoc.10.19; τ. ὄψις, ὀφθαλμοί, E.Cyc.697, Pl.R.518c, etc.: c. gen., τ. τινός blind to . . , X.Smp.4.12, Plu.Sol.12; but τ. τῆς προνοίας lacking vision of the future, Id.2.975c; τὰ τ. τοῦ σώματος, i. e. one's back, X.Cyr.3.3.45; καὶ τυφλῷ γε δῆλον even a blind man can see that, Pl.R.55od; for Cratin.6, v. κωφός 11.2.
2. of the limbs of the blind, “τ. πούςE.Hec.1050, Ph.834, etc. (cf. τυφλόπους; χείρ ib. 1699; [βάκτρον], τοξεύματα, Id.Ion 744, HF199.
II. of things, dark, dim, obscure,ἐλπίδεςA.Pr.252; “ἄτηS.Tr.1104; “τὸ δ᾽ ἐς αὔριον αἰεὶ τ. ἕρπειId.Fr.593.6 (lyr.); τ. σπιλάδες blind rocks, AP7.275 (Gaet.); “αἱ ἄνευ ἐπιστήμης δόξαι τυφλαίPl.R.506c; “δεσμῶν τ. ἀρχαίhidden, Plu.Alex.18; “τ. ὑπόνοιαId.2.587c; τ. κίνημα, of revolution, Id.Galb.18.
2. of passages or apertures, blind, closed, with no outlet, τοῦ ἐντέρου τυφλόν τι, of the intestinum caecum (τὸ τυφλόν in Gal.UP4.18, al.), Arist.PA 675b7, cf. 676a5; “τ. ἔντερονRuf. ap. Orib.7.26.25; τ. τρῆμα the foramen caecum (stylo-mastoid), Ruf.Onom.144, Gal.UP9.10; “τ. στενωποίStr.1.1.17; “τ. ὁδοίAnon. ap. Suid.; τ. ῥύμη a blind alley, POxy. 99.9 (i A. D.); of rivers and harbours, choked with mud, Plu.Sull. 20 (v. sq.), cf. Caes.58; of the halcyon's nest, closed, tight, Id.2.983d; τυφλοὶ ὄζοι branches without buds or eyes, Thphr.HP1.8.4, cf. CP3.2.8; “τ. κῦμαdark, trackless, AP7.400 (Serapio), 12.156; τ. μώλωψ a wound without an outlet, Plu.Aem.19; τὸ τ. ἅμμα καλούμενον the so-called unescapable knot, Gal.2.669; of a hook (cf. τυφλάγκιστρον), blunt, Orib.45.18.9.
III. Adv., πρὸς τὸ ὠφέλιμον τυφλῶς ἔχειν to be blind to it, Pl.Grg.479b; “τ. καὶ ἀσκέπτωςAntip.Stoic. 3.256; “τ. καὶ οὐ γνωρίμως διασαφεῖStr.9.5.21. [υ^ by nature, S.OT 389, E.Hec.1050, etc., freq. υ_ by position: prob. not connected with τύφω [υ_]: perh. cf. Goth. daufs, OE. déaf 'stupid', Olr. dub 'black'.]
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