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ὑφαίνω [υ^], Ion. impf.
A.ὑφαίνεσκονOd.19.149: fut. “ὑφα^νῶAr.Ec. 654 (anap.): aor. “ὕφηναOd.4.739, 13.303, Ar.Lys.586, etc.; later ὕφα_να, LXXJd.16.14, Inscr.Délos 442 A206 (ii B. C.), AP6.265 (Noss.), Hymn.Is.14; as Dor. form, B.5.9, al.: pf. ὕφαγκα συν-) D.H.Comp. 18, (παρ-) Ph.Byz.Mir.2.5:—Med., v. infr.: aor. “ὑφηνάμηνPl.Phd. 87b, X.Mem.3.11.6:—Pass., aor. “ὑφάνθηνPl.Ti.72c, (ἐν-, συν-) Hdt. 1.203, 5.105: pf. “ὕφασμαιAntiph.99, Luc.VH1.18, (ἐν-) Hdt. 3.47, (παρ-) X.Cyr.5.4.48, but 3sg. “ὕφανταιS.E.M.8.129; a form ὑφήφασμαι is cited in Suid., ὑφήφανται in Phryn.PSp.32 B., “ὑφήφασταιChoerob. in Theod.2.91 H., “ὑφύφασταιZenod. ap. EM785.46, Eust.1436.51: cf. ἐξυφαίνω. [υ^ exc. in augm. tenses.]:—weave, freq. in Hom., who always joins ἱστὸν ὑφαίνειν (cf. ὑφάω), Il.6.456, Od.2.104, al.; except in 13.108, φάρε᾽ ὑφαίνουσιν; so “. ὕφασμαE.Ion 1417; “χλαῖνανAr.Lys.586; “ἱμάτιονPl.Hp.Mi.368c; “ἐν εὐπήνοις ὑφαῖς . τιE.IT814; “ἐν Ἐκβατάνοισι ταῦθ᾽ ὑφαίνεταιAr.V.1143; ἀράχνια ., of spiders, Arist.HA542a13, cf. 623a8: abs., weave, ply the loom, Hdt.2.35; “αἱ ὑφαίνουσαιArist.GA717a36; “αἴγειροι πτελέαι τε ἐΰσκιον ἄλσος ὕφαινονTheoc.7.8 (cj. Heinsius for ἔφαινον):— Med., “ἱμάτιον ὑφαίνεσθαιPl.Phd.87b, cf. X.Mem.3.11.6 sq.:—Pass., λίθος ὑφαινομένη, i.e. asbestos, Str.10.1.6.
II. contrive, plan, of all schemes, good or bad, which are craftily imagined, freq. in Hom.; “πυκινὸν δόλον ἄλλον ὕφαινεIl.6.187; “ἔνδοθι μῆτιν .Od.4.678; ἐνὶ φρεσὶ μῆτιν ὑφήνας ib.739; “μῆτιν ὕφαινε μετὰ φρεσίνHes.Sc.28, cf. B.16.51; “δόλους καὶ μῆτιν .Od.9.422; “μύθους καὶ μήδεα πᾶσιν .Il.3.212, cf. Call.Fr.3ii10P. (Pass.); ταῦθ᾽ ὕφηναν ἡμῖν ἐπὶ τυραννίδι this was the plot they laid against us to bring in tyranny, Ar.Lys. 630; “πάντα . . ἐκ φρενὸς ὑφάνασαHymn.Is.14:—Med., Nicopho 5: but ὑφαίνεται is f.l. for ὑφαίνετε in Lyr.Adesp.ap. Stob.1.5.11 (v. NauckTGF2p.xx).
2. compose, write, ποικίλον ἄνδημα (metaph. of an ode) Pi.Fr.179; “ὕμνονB.5.9. (ὑφ-αίνω, cf. ὑφή, ὕφος, OE. wefan 'weave', Skt. ubhnāti 'hold together, cover, bind'.)
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