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χελι_δ-ών , όνος, (even of the male, S.E.M.1.151); but masc., metaph. of men, Ion Trag.33, cf. Hdn.Gr.1.25: voc. χελιδοῖ, as if from a nom. χελιδώ, Anacr.67, Simon.74, Ar.Av.1411 (anap.), AP9.70 (Mnasalc., with
A.v.l. χελιδόν, as in Anacreont.9.2 cod.):—swallow, Od.21.411, 22.240, Hes.Op.568, Hdt.2.22, Democr.14, etc.: “πέδοικος χ.A.Fr.53, cf. Ar.Av.714 (anap): prov., “μία χ. ἔαρ οὐ ποιεῖCratin.33 (cf. Arist.EN1098a18); “δεῖσθαι δ᾽ ἔοικεν οὐκ ὀλίγων χ.Ar.Av.1417, cf. 1681; χ. λευκή, of a rare event, Thphr.Sign.39; the twittering of the swallow was prov. used of barbarous tongues by the Greeks, “εἴπερ ἐστὶ μὴ χελιδόνος δίκην ἀγνῶτα φωνὴν βάρβαρον κεκτημένηA.Ag.1050: hence χ., = βάρβαρος, Ion l.c.; “Θρῃκία χ. ἐπὶ βάρβαρον ἑζομένη πέταλονAr.Ra.681 (lyr.); χελιδόνων μουσεῖα bowers that ring with poetasters' twitterings, ib.93 (parodied from ἀηδόνων μουσεῖα in E., v. Fr.88).
2. metaph. of letters, “τῶν σῶν χ. αἱ ἡμέτεραι πλείουςLib.Ep.46.2.
II. flying-fish, Dactylopterus volitans, hirondelle de mer, Ephipp.12.5 (anap.), Speus. ap. Ath.7.324f; “χ. θαλάττιαιArist.HA535b27.
III. frog in the hollow of a horse's foot (expld. by Hsch. τὸ κοῖλον τῆς ὁπλῆς), so called from its being forked like the swallow's tail, X.Eq. 1.3, 4.5, 6.2, Poll.1.188.
2. the like part of a dog's foot, Suid.
3. = λειχήν 4, Cael.Aur.TP1.138 (pl.); a growth on the knee in horses, Sch.Nic.Th.945.
4. hollow above the bend of the elbow, Hsch.
5. pudenda muliebria (with play on Ar.Lys.770 (hex.)), Suid., cf. Juv.6.365(6).
6. a kind of ship, Suid.
7. a Peloponnesian silver coin, Id. (Χελιδφών as pr.n., IG92(1).86 (Corinthian, found at Thermon); cf. Assyr. hinundu, Lat. hirundo.
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