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χι^τών , in Ion.Prose κι^θών , ῶνος, (also prob. in Sammelb.4291), Dor. κι^τών (q. v.):—
A.garment worn next the skin, tunic.
II. coat of mail, prob. of leather covered with scales or rings, “στρεπτὸς χ.Il.5.113; “χ. χάλκεος13.439; κιθῶνες χειριδωτοὶ λεπίδος σιδηρέης coats of iron scales with sleeves, Hdt.7.61 (s. v.l.): but distd. fr. “θώρηξId.9.22, cf. X.Cyr.6.4.1.
III. part of a shoe that coats the foot, upper, ib.8.2.5 (pl.), Arist.Rh.1392a31.
IV. metaph., any coat, case, or covering, λάϊνος χιτών (v. λάϊνος τειχέων κιθῶνες, i. e. walls, Hdt.7.139; in Anatomy, coat, membrane,τὸν ἀμφὶ τὴν ὄψιν χ.Hp.VM19, cf. Aph.7.45, Epicur. Nat.2.993.1; “ . . χ. τῆς καρδίαςArist.Resp.480a4; χ. ὑμενώδης, ἀραχνιώδης, Id.PA679a1, HA557b16; τοῦ ᾠοῦ οἱ χ. οἱ περιέχοντες ib. 561a14; of foetal membranes, Sor.1.7,58, al.; τριγλοφόροι χιτῶνες, of fishing-nets, AP6.11 (Satyr.); χιτῶνες ἀραχνίων spiders' webs, Hp.Int.3: pl., pods or coats of seeds, bulbous roots, etc., Thphr. HP1.12.3, 8.4.1, CP1.4.1, al.
2. vesture, [φύσις] σαρκῶν ἀλλογνῶτι περιστέλλουσα (sc. ψυχάς)“ χιτῶνιEmp.126; “σῶμα χ. ψυχῆςIG14.2241: pl., προσθέσει χιτώνων ἐνυλοτέρων, of the soul, Procl. Inst.209. (Accad. kitinnu 'linen garment', Hebr. kětōnet 'tunic'; “χεθὼν γὰρ τὸ λίνον ἡμεῖς καλοῦμενJ.AJ3.7.2.)
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