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χόω , 3sg. χοῖ προσ-) Th.2.102, 3pl.
A.χοῦσιHdt.4.71; inf. “χοῦνId.2.137; part. “χῶνId.1.162: impf. “ἔχουνTh.2.75, etc.: later χώννυμι , χορῳδ-ύω (qq. v.): fut. “χώσωS.Ant.81, etc.: aor. “ἔχωσαHdt.2.140, PTeb.799.16 (ii B. C.), etc. (Cret.3pl. “ἔχουσανGDI5056.6 (Istron)): pf. κέχωκα ἀνα-) D.55.28:—Med., aor. “ἐχωσάμηνLuc.DDeor. 14.2, Philostr.VA4.10:—Pass., fut. “χωσθήσομαιE.IA1442, (ἐγ-) Plb.4.40.4: aor. ἐχώσθην (v. infr.); also ἐχώθην συν-) IG4.823.30 (Troezen, iv B. C.): pf. “κέχωσμαιPl.Com.183, Th.2.102, (ἐκ-, συγ-) Hdt.2.138, 8.144:—throw or heap up, of earth, “χοῦσι χῶμα μέγαId.4.71; “χώματα χοῦνId.2.137, Pl.Lg.958e; χώματα χῶν πρὸς τὰ τείχεα throwing up banks against . . , Hdt.1.162; “χῶμα ἔχουν πρὸς τὴν πόλινTh.2.75; νῆσον χώσας σποδῷ having formed an island with heaped up ashes, Hdt.2.140; esp. of a sepulchral mound, “χῶσαι τάφονId.9.85, S.Ant.81; τύμβον ib. 1204, E.IT702, IA1442 (Pass.); “μνῆμαX.Cyr.7.3.11; πολυάνδρια (cf. “-άνδριος11.2), Plu.Eum.9.
2. block up by throwing earth in,λιμέναςD.25.84, cf. Aeschin.3.109 (s. v.l.); “χ. φορμοῖς τὰς τάφρουςPlb.1.19.13:—Pass., to be filled with earth, esp. of bays in the sea, to be silted up,πορθμοῦ χωσθέντοςEmp.100.17; τί μιν (sc. τὸν κόλπον)“ κωλύει . . χωσθῆναι;Hdt.2.11; but of cities, to be raised on mounds, ib.137.
3. less freq., cover with earth, bury,χῶσαί τινα τάφῳE.Or.1585, cf. Pl.Lg.947e, IG5(1).1249.17 (Laconia), cf. χώννυμι fin.
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