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χρώς , , gen. χρωτός, dat. χρωτί, acc. χρῶτα (Att. χρώ only in Theod.1.248H.): Ep. and Ion.gen. χροός, dat. χροΐ, acc. χρόα (also in Lesbian, Sapph.Supp.10.6, al.), as always in Hom.and Hes., exc. gen. χρωτός in Il.10.575, acc.
A.χρῶταOd.18.172, 179, Hes. Op.556; Emp. uses χρωτός, 76.3 (but “χροΐ100.17); Pi. uses χρωτί, χρῶτα, P.1.55, I.4(3).23(41); these forms are freq. in Trag., but Ion. dat. χροΐ occurs in S.Tr.605, and χροός, χροΐ, χρόα are freq. in E., Hec. 548, Med.1175, Ph.264, al. :—dat. χρῷ occurs in the phrase ἐν χρῷ v. infr.1.2 and in Sapph.2.10.—rare in Com.and Att. Prose.
2. ἐν χροΐ, or ἐν χρῷ, close to the skin, ἐν χροΐ κείρειν to shave close, Hdt.4.175; “ἐν χρῷ κεκαρμένοιX.HG1.7.8; “ἐν χρῷ κουριῶνταςPherecr. 30:—metaph., to the quick,ξυρεῖ γὰρ ἐν χρῷ τοῦτοS.Aj.786; ἐν χρῷ παραπλεῖν sail past so as to shave or graze, Th.2.84; τὴν μάχην συνάψαι ἐν χρῷ to fight at close quarters, Plu.Thes.27; ἐν χρῷ συνουσία close acquaintance, Luc.Ind.3: c. gen., ἐν χρῷ τινος close to, hard by a person or thing, τοῦ θώρακος (v.l. σώματος) Plu.2.345a; τῆς γῆς ib. 925b, Luc.Herm.5: abs., “ἐν χρῷnear at hand, Id.Hist.Conscr.24, al.; cf. EM313.53, Hsch.
II. the colour of the skin, complexion,μελαίνετο δὲ χρόα καλόνIl.5.354; τρέπεται χ. his colour changes, i. e. he turns pale, 13.279, cf. 17.733; “ὠχρήσαντα χρόαOd.11.529; “χρόα . . ἀμείβεινParm.8.41; “μεθίστη χρωτὸς . . φύσινE. Alc.174; μεταλλακτῆρα πουλύπουν χροός Ion Trag.36; τί χρὼς τέτραπται; (paratrag.) Ar.Lys.127; φεῦγε δ᾽ ἀπὸ χρώς Theocr.23.13; rare in Att. Prose, “ἐπὶ τῷ χρωτὶ μέγα φρονεῖνX.Smp.4.54, cf. Oec.10.5: in Ion. Prose, of the colour of a finger, “χροΐ δῆλαPherecyd.Syr. ap.D.L.1.118 (v.l. χρωΐ, cf. Vorsokr.5i.44).
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