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ψευδής , ές (the neut. sg. ψευδές is not found in early writers, ψεῦδος being used instead, cf.
A.ψεῦδος111; it is found in later Gr., OGI669.54 (Egypt, i A.D.), Palaeph.6, al., Gal.18(2).782); gen. sg. “ψευδοῦςId.15.168; old Att. acc. pl. “ψευδᾶςIG12.700: (ψεύδομαι):— lying, false, untrue, of things, opp. “ἀληθής, ψ. λόγοιHes.Th.229; “μῦθοιA.Pr.685, E.Hipp.1288 (anap.); τρέπεσθαι ἐπὶ ψευδέα ὁδόν to betake oneself to falsehood, Hdt.1.117; ψ. κατηγορία, αἰτίαι, false charges, Aeschin.2.183, Isoc. 15.138, Plb.5.41.3; “λόγοιS.OT526; “λόγοςPl.Sph.240e, Cra.385b: ψ. λόγοι are also fallacies, in Logic, Arist.Top.162b3 sqq.; ἥδε ψ. οὐσία this unreal Being (sc. the world of sense), Plot.5.8.9: irreg. Sup. “ψευδίστατος, εἴδηAel.VH14.37.
2. of persons, lying, false, and as Subst., liar,οὐ γὰρ ἐπὶ ψευδέσσι πατὴρ Ζεὺς ἔσσετ᾽ ἀρωγόςIl.4.235 (only here in Hom.; perh. ψεύδεσσι from ψεῦδος is the true accent; so Hermappias ap.Hdn.Gr.2.45 against Aristarch. and Ptol.Asc. ibid.); “τοὺς θεοὺς ψευδεῖς τίθηςS. Ph.992, cf. Ant.657; “ψ. ἔφυςE.Or.1608; ψ. φανήσεσθαι to be detected in falsehood, Th.4.27, cf. Pl.Tht.148b; “Κριτίαν ψευδῆ ἐπιδείξωId.Chrm.158d: irreg. Sup. “ψευδίστατοςarrant liar, EM 110.29, cf. Eust.1441.25.
4. ψευδέων ἀγορή, in Hp.Epid.3.1. ή, ιβ́, said to be a name of the monkey-market, perhaps as being villanous counterfeits of humanity.
II. Pass., beguiled, deceived, E.IA852.
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