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ψῆφος , Dor. ψᾶφος , Aeol. ψᾶφαξ , , gen. pl.
2. precious stone, gem, Philostr.VA3.27; esp. worn in a ring, Luc.DMeretr.9.
II. acc. to the various uses made of such pebbles:
1. pebble used for reckoning, counter, λογίζεσθαι ψήφοις calculate or reckon by abacus, cipher, Hdt.2.36, etc.: hence to reckon exactly or accurately, opp. ἀπὸ χειρὸς λ., Ar.V.656 (anap.); “οὐ τιθεὶς ψήφουςD.18.229; “ἐν ψήφῳ λέγεινA.Ag.570; “ἐν ψήφου λόγῳ θέσθαιE.Rh. 309: metaph., “ταῖς τοῦ συμφέροντος ψήφοις μετρεῖν τὰς ἔχθρας καὶ τὰς φιλίαςPlb.2.47.5: hence ψῆφος itself for a cipher, number, πὸτ ἄρτιον (sc. ἀριθμὸν)“ ποτθέμειν . . ψᾶφονEpich.170: pl., accounts, καθαραὶ ψ., where there is an exact balance, D.18.227; “οἱ περὶ τὰς ψ.calculators, Alciphr.1.26; “ψήφων ἄπειροςPlu.2.812e; δακτυλικὴ ψ. reckoning on the fingers, AP11.290 (Pall.); of astrological calculations, Vett.Val.10.15, al.
b. in Magic, κατέχων τὴν ψ. (i. e. the object on which the number is written) λέγε . . PMag.Par.1.1048, cf. 937.
2. pebble used for a draughts- or chess-man, Pl.R.487c; “κύβος ἐν παιδιᾷ ψήφωνPlu.2.427f.
b. pebble used by jugglers, “ψηφάων παῖκταιMan.4.448.
3. pebble used in divination, διὰ ψήφων μαντικήApollod.3.10.2.
4. cube used in mosaic pavements, Gal.Protr.8.
5. pebble used in voting,ψήφῳ ψηφίζεσθαιHdt.9.55; “ἐὰν μὴ τῇ ψ . . . ψηφίσωνται κρύβδην ψηφιζόμενοιD.59.89: hence, the vote itself, ψῆφον φέρειν give one's vote,ἐν καρδίᾳ ψ. φέροντεςA.Eu.680, cf. And.1.2, D.57.61, etc.; “ὑπέρ τινοςLycurg.7; “περί τινοςId.11, etc.; “ψήφου φοράE.Supp.484; ψῆφον τίθεσθαι, = ψηφίζεσθαι, Hdt.8.123, cf. 6.57; “εἰς τεῦχος . . ψήφους ἔθεντοA.Ag.816; c. inf., Hdt.3.73; “ψ. προσθέσθαιTh.1.40; ψήφῳ διαιρεῖν to determine by vote, A.Eu.630; ψήφῳ κρίνειν, Th.1.87, etc.; “μεταλαβὼν τὸ πέμπτον μέρος τῶν ψ.Pl.Ap.36b, cf. Lex ap.D.21.47: in collect. sense, ἐχρῆν . . ψ. περὶ αὐτοῦ γενέσθαι a vote is taken, Antipho 5.47; “ καθαιροῦσα ψ.Lys.13.37; “ σῴζουσα ψ.D.19.66; οἷς ἂν πλείστη γένηται ψ. a majority of votes, Pl.Lg.759d: τὴν ψῆφον ἐπάγειν to put the vote or question, of the president, Th.1.119, 125; “ψῆφον δοῦναι περί τινοςIG22.222.24, cf. D.21.188; “ψ. ἀναδοὺς περί τινοςApp.BC1.100; so “ψ. περὶ ἡμῶν ὑπὲρ ἀνδραποδισμοῦ προτεθεῖσανD.19.65; διένεμον (vv. ll. διενέμοντο, ἔφερον τὰς ψ. were casting their votes, Hdt.8.123; ὑπὸ ψήφου μιᾶς with one accord, Ar.Lys.270; ψ. φανερά open voting,ψ. φανερὰν διενεγκεῖνTh.4.74; “τὴν ψ. οὐκ εἰς καδίσκους ἀλλὰ φανερὰν ἐπὶ τὰς τραπέζας τίθεσθαιLys.13.37, cf. Pl.Lg.767d, 855d; opp. ψ. ἀφανής voting by ballot, Aeschin.3.233; “κρύβδην τὴν ψ. φέρεινArist. Rh.Al.1433a23, cf. 1424b2, Ath.69.1.
b. that which is carried by vote, a vote, ψ. καταγνώσεως a vote of condemnation, Th.3.82; ψῆφος αὐτῷ ἐπῆκτο περὶ φυγῆς a vote of banishment was moved for against him, X.An.7.7.57, cf. A.Th.198; “ψήφῳ πόλεως γνωσθεῖσαιId.Supp.7 (anap.):—hence,
c. any resolve or decree,ψ. τυράννωνS.Ant.60; λιθίνα ψᾶφος a decree written on stone, Pi.O.7.87; διδοῖ ψᾶφον περ᾽ αὐτᾶς [the oak] gives judgement of itself, Id.P.4.265; ψ. φλεγυρὰ βροτῶν, i. e. public opinion, Cratin.57 (lyr.); τίν᾽ ἂν ψῆφον θεῖο; what judgment . . ? Pl.Prt.330c, cf. R.450a; “ ἐμὴ ψ.Id.Phlb. 57a.
d. Ἀθηνᾶς ψ., calculus Minervae, prov. phrase to express acquittal, when the votes were even, Philostr.VS2.3.
e. ψ. is sts. omitted, “κἂν ἴσαι γένωνταιAr.Ra.685 (lyr.); “πάσαις κρατεῖνLuc.Bis Acc.18, cf. 22.
f. Διὸς ψῆφος (“ψῆφοιHsch.), prov. ἐπὶ τῶν ἱερῶν καὶ ἀθίκτων, of the scene of contest betw. Athena and Poseidon, Suid., etc.
g. Κόννου ψ., negligible quantity, cipher, Ar.V.675 (anap.), cf. Κοννᾶς.
6. place of voting, tribunal, E.IT945, El. 1263.
7. metaph., influence,πόλις μεγάλην ψ. ἔχουσαLib.Or.18.13.
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