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prep. with gen., dat., and acc.—Radic. sense, on both sides (cf. ἄμφω, Lat. ambo), whereas περί properly means all round.
A.c. gen.:
I.Causal, about, for, for the sake of a thing, ἀμφὶ γυναικός Aesch.
2.about, i. e. concerning or of a thing, ἀμφὶ φιλότητος ἀείδειν to sing about or of love, Od.
II.of Place, about, around, ἀμφὶ τῆς πόλιος Hdt.
B.C. DAT.:
I.of Place, on both sides of, about, ἀμφὶ ὤμοις, στήθεσσι Hom.; likewise, ἀμφὶ περὶ στήθεσσι Od.:—then, just like περί, all round, κρέα ἀμφὶ ὀβελοῖς ἔπειραν they fixed the meat round, i. e. upon, the spits, id=Hom.
2.generally, about, near, at, ἀμφὶ πύληισι Il.
II.about, regarding, ἔρις ἀμφὶ μουσικῆι Hdt.; for the sake of, for, ἀμφ᾽ Ἑλένηι μάχεσθαι Il., etc. Lat. prae, ἀμφὶ τάρβει, ἀμφὶ φόβωι, prae pavore, for very fear, Aesch., Eur.
C.C. ACC.:
I.of Place, about, around, mostly with a sense of motion, ἀμφί μιν φᾶρος βάλον Il.
2.about, near, ἀμφὶ ῥέεθρα somewhere by the banks, ib.
3.of persons who are about one, οἱ ἀμφὶ Πρίαμον Priam and his train, id=Il.; οἱ ἀμφὶ ?έρξεα his army, Hdt.; in attic, οἱ ἀμφὶ Πρωταγόραν the school of Protagoras or Protagoras himself, Plat.
4.κλαίειν ἀμφί τινα to weep about or for one, Il.
5.εἶναι, διατρίβειν ἀμφί τι to be engaged about it, Xen. a loose definition of Time, about, Pind.; ἀμφὶ Πλειάδων δύσιν Aesch.:—so of Number, Lat. circiter, ἀμφὶ τὰς δώδεκα μυριάδας about 120, 000, Xen.
D.WITHOUT CASE, as adv., on both sides, about, around.
2.= ἀμφίς A. 11, apart, Hhymn.
I.about, on both sides, as ἀμφίστομος, δίστομος.
2.all round, on all sides, as ἀμφιλαμβάνω, ἀμφιλαφής.
II.Causal, for, for the sake of, as ἀμφιμάχομαι.

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