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βάλλω Root ΒΑΛ

A.Act. to throw:
I.with acc. of person or thing aimed at, to throw so as to hit, to hit one with a missile, opp. to striking (τύπτω, οὐτάω), βλήμενος ἠὲ τυπείς Il.; c. dupl. acc. pers. et partis, μιν βάλε μηρὸν ὀϊστῶι id=Il.: c. acc. cogn. added, ἕλκος, τό μιν βάλε the wound which he gave him, id=Il.:—also, βάλε κατ᾽ ἀσπίδα smote upon it, id=Il.
3.metaph., β. τινὰ κακοῖς to smite with reproaches, Soph., etc.; φθόνος βάλλει τινά Aesch.
II.with acc. of the weapon thrown, to throw, cast, hurl, βαλὼν βέλος Il; ἐν νηυσὶν πῦρ βάλλειν id=Il.:—with dat. of the weapon, to throw or shoot with a thing, χερμαδίοισι id=Il.; βέλεσι β. τινα Hom.; β. ἐπί τινα to throw at one, Thuc.; ἐπὶ σκοπόν or σκοποῦ Xen.
2.generally of anything thrown, εἰς ἅλα λύματ᾽ ἔβαλλον Il., etc.:—of persons, β. τινὰ ἐν κονίηισιν, ἐν δαπέδωι Hom., etc.; metaph., ἐς κακὸν β. τινά Od.; β. τινὰ ἐς φόβον Eur.; also, ἐν αἰτίαι or αἰτία β. τινά Soph.
4.of the eyes, ἑτέρωσε βάλ᾽ ὄμματα cast them the other way, id=Od., etc. a loose sense, to throw, to put, place, ἐν στήθεσσι μένος βάλε Il.; ὅπως φιλότητα μετ᾽ ἀμφοτέροισι βάλωμεν may put frienship between them, id=Il.; β. τί τινι ἐν θυμῶι Od.; ἐς θυμὸν β. to lay to heart, Soph.
7.βαλών is sometimes added, like λαβών or ἔχων, at the end of a sentence, almost as an expletive, with, Soph. in familiar language, βάλλ᾽ ἐς κόρακας away with you! be hanged! Lat. pasce corvos! abi in malam rem! Ar.
B.Mid. to put for oneself, ἐνὶ θυμῶι βάλλευ lay it to heart, Od.; ἐς θυμὸν βάλλεσθαί τι Hdt.; ἐφ᾽ ἑωυτοῦ βαλόμενος on one's own judgment, of oneself, id=Hdt.
2.τόξα or ξίφος ἀμφ᾽ ὤμοις βάλλεσθαι to throw about one's shoulder, Il.
3.ἐς γαστέρα βάλλεσθαι, of a woman, to conceive, Hdt. lay the foundations of, begin to form, οἰκοδομίαν, στρατόπεδον, Plat., etc.; β. ἄγκυραν to cast anchor, Hdt.
II.rarely, χρόα βάλλεσθαι λουτροῖς to dash one's flesh with water, bathe, Hhymn.

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