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φαίνω φάω

A.Act. to bring to light, make to appear, Hom., etc.:—Mid. to exhibit as one's own, Soph. shew forth, make known, reveal, disclose, shew, Od., Soph. etc.: γόνον Ἑλένηι φ. to shew her a child, i. e. grant her to bear one, Od.
2.of sound, to make it clear to the ear, make it ring clear, id=Od., Aesch. make clear, explain, expound, Hdt. attic to inform against one, to indict, impeach, Ar.:— to inform of a thing as contraband, id=Ar.: Pass., τὰ φανθέντα articles informed against as contraband, Dem.
b.absol. to give information, Xen.
5.φαίνειν φρουράν at Sparta, to proclaim a levy, call out the array, id=Xen.
II.absol. to give light, Od.; so of the sun, moon, etc., φ. τινί Ar., Theocr.; so of the Dioscuri shining in mid-air, Eur.; ἀγανὴ φαίνουσ᾽ ἐλπίς soft shining hope, Aesch.
III.Hom. uses the ionic aor. φάνεσκε really intr., appeared:— also perf. 2 πέφηνα is intr., Hdt., Soph., Dem.
B.Pass. to come to light, be seen, appear, Hom.; of fire, to shine brightly, id=Hom.:—often of the rising of heavenly bodies, Il., Hes.; of daybreak, φάνη ῥοδοδάκτυλος Ἠώς Hom.
2.of persons, to come into being, φανεὶς δύστηνος born to misery, Soph.; δοῦλος φανείς shewn to be, having become, a slave, id=Soph.:—also of events, τέλος πέφανται Il.; τὸ φανθέν what has once come to light, Soph., etc. appear to be so and so, c. inf., ἥτις ἀρίστη φαίνεται εἶναι Od.; τοῦτό μοι θειότατον φαίνεται γενέσθαι Hdt.:—inf. omitted, ὅστις φαίνηται ἄριστος Od., etc.:—also c. part., but φαίνεσθαι c. inf. indicates that a thing appears to be so and so, φαίνεσθαι c. part. states the fact that it manifestly is so and so, ἐμοὶ σὺ πλουτέειν φαίνεαι you appear to me to be rich, Hdt.; but, εὔνοος ἐφαίνετο ἐών he was manifestly well-inclined, id=Hdt.; φαίνεται νόμος βλάπτων the law manifestly harms, but, φαίνεται νόμος ἡμᾶς βλάψειν it appears likely to harm us, Dem.:—with the part. omitted, Κᾶρες ἐφάνησαν (sc. ὄντες) they were manifest Carians, Thuc.; τί φαίνομαι (sc. ὤν); what do I look like? Eur. dialogue, φαίνεταί σοι ταῦτα; does this appear so? is not this so? Answ. φαίνεται, yes, Plat.; [τοῦτο] φῆις εἶναι; Answ. φαίνομαι (sc. λέγειν) Xen.
3.οὐδαμοῦ φανῆναι nullo in loco haberi, Plat.

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