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I.Radic. sense, opp. to μικρός, σμικρός, big, great, of men's stature, tall, Hom.; of women, καλή τε μεγάλη τε Od.:—also, great, full-grown, of age as shewn by stature, id=Od., Aesch.
3.vast, spacious, wide, πέλαγός, αἰγιαλός, etc., id=Hom.
II.of Degree, great, strong, mighty, of gods, id=Hom., etc.; μεγάλα θεά, of Demeter and Proserpine, Soph.; μέγας ηὐξήθη rose to greatness, Dem.; βασιλεὺς μέγας, i. e. the King of Persia, le grand monarque, Hdt.; βασιλεὺς μέγας Aesch.; μ. ἐπικληθεὶς Ἀντίοχος the Great, Polyb.
2.great, strong, violent, etc., ἄνεμος, λαῖλαψ Hom.; of properties, passions, etc., id=Hom., etc.
3.of sounds, great, loud, id=Hom., etc.; μὴ φώνει μέγα Soph.;—but, μέγας λόγος a prevailing rumour, Aesch.
4.great, mighty, weighty, important, μέγα ἔργον Od.; μέγα ποιεῖσθαί τι to esteem of great importance, Hdt.; καὶ τὸ μέγιστον and what is most important, Thuc. bad sense, over-great, μέγα εἰπεῖν to speak big, λίην μέγα εἰπεῖν Od.; μέγα, μεγάλα φρονεῖν to have high thoughts, be presumptuous, Soph., Eur.; μεγάλα πνεῖν Eur.
B.adv. μεγάλως [α^], greatly, mightily, exceedingly, Lat. magnopere, Hom., Aesch.
II.neut. sg. and pl. μέγα and μεγάλα as adv., very much, exceedingly, Hom.; with verbs of sound, aloud, loudly, id=Hom.; so in attic
2.of Space, far, μέγα ἄνευθε far away, Il., etc.:—with comp. and Sup. by far, μέγ᾽ ἀμείνων, ἄριστος, φέρτατος Hom.
C.degrees of Comparison:
1.comp. μείζων (for μεγίων), -ον, gen. -ονος, Hom., attic; ionic μέζων, ον, Hdt.; later also μειζότερος, NTest.:— greater, Hom., etc.; also, too great, too much, more than enough, Plat.:—adv. μειζόνως Eur.; ionic μεζόνως Hdt., etc.; also neut. as adv., μεῖζον σθένειν Soph., etc.
2.Sup. μέγιστος, η, ον, Hom.:—neut. as adv., μέγιστον ἰσχύειν Soph.; with another Sup. μέγιστον ἔχθιστος Eur.:—also in pl., χαῖρ᾽ ὡς μέγιστα Soph.

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