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νομίζω νόμος hold or own as a custom or usage, to use customarily, practise, Hdt.; ν. γλῶσσαν to have a language in common use, id=Hdt.; ν. οὔτε ἀσπίδα οὔτε δόρυ id=Hdt.:—Pass. to be the custom, be customary, Aesch.; σωφροσύνη νενόμιστο was the fashion, Ar.; —impers., ὡς νομίζεται as is the custom, Trag.:—part. νομιζόμενος, η, ον, customary, usual, Thuc.; τὰ νομιζόμενα customs, usages, Lat. instituta, Hdt., attic; τὰ νομισθέντα Eur.
3.c. dat. to be used to a thing, νομίζουσιν Αἰγύπτιοι οὐδ᾽ ἥρωσιν οὐδέν, i. e. do not worship heroes, id=Hdt.: hence to make common use of, use, φωνῆι id=Hdt.; ἀγῶσι καὶ θυσίαις Thuc.
4.c. inf. to have a custom of doing, to be accustomed to do, Hdt.:—Pass. impers., γυμνοὺς εἰσιέναι νομίζεται it is customary for them . . , Ar.; νενόμισται καλέεσθαι it has been usual to be called, Hdt.
5.Pass. to be ordered and governed after old laws and customs, id=Hdt. own, acknowledge, consider as, τοὺς κακοὺς χρηστοὺς ν. Soph.; νομίσαι χρὴ ταῦτα μυστήρια Ar.:— θεὸν ν. τινά to hold or believe in one as a god, Plat., Xen.:—hence, νομίζειν τούτους [θεούς] to believe in these [as gods], Hdt.; οὓς πόλις νομίζει θεοὺς οὐ νομίζων not believing in the gods in which the State believes, Xen., Plat.: —but, νομίζειν θεοὺς εἶναι to believe that there are gods, Plat.; θεοὺς ν. οὐδαμοῦ Aesch.;—so that ν. τοὺς θεούς and ν. θεούς differ, the one being to believe in certain gods, the other to believe in gods generally, cf. ἡγέομαι III. 2 :—Pass., Ἕλληνες ἤρξαντο νομισθῆναι to be considered as . . , Hdt. esteem or hold in honour, Pind.:—Pass. to be in esteem, Plat.
3.c. acc. rei, to deem, hold, believe, τι περί τινος id=Plat.
4.c. acc. et inf. to deem, hold, believe that, Soph., Xen.;—also, like δοκέω, c. inf. fut. to expect that . . , Soph.
5.Pass., with gen. of the person in possession, τοῦ θεῶν νομίζεται; whose sanctuary is it held to be? id=Soph.
6.absol., νομίζοντα λέγειν to speak with full belief, Plat.

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