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I.demonstr. Pron. this, Lat. hic, to designate the nearer of two things, opp. to ἐκεῖνος, the more remote (cf. ὅδε), Hom., etc.
2.when, of two things, one precedes and the other follows, ὅδε generally refers to what follows, οὗτος to what precedes, Soph., etc. also, οὗτος is used emphat., generally in contempt, while ἐκεῖνος (like Lat. ille) denotes praise, πάντ᾽ ἄναλκις οὗτος, i. e. Aegisthus, id=Soph.; οὗτος ἀνήρ Plat.; τούτους τοὺς συκοφάντας id=Plat. attic law-language, οὗτος is commonly applied to the opponent, whether plaintiff or defendant, whereas in Lat. hic was the client, iste the opponent, Dem.
5.often much like an adv., in local sense (cf. ὅδε init.), τίς δ᾽ οὗτος κατὰ νῆας ἔρχεαι; who art thou here that comest . . ? Il.; often in attic, τίς οὑτοσί; who's this here? Ar.
6.with Pron. of 2nd pers., οὗτος σύ, Lat. heus tu! ho you! you there! Soph., etc.; and then οὗτος alone like a Vocat., οὗτος, τί ποιεῖς; Aesch.; οὗτος οὗτος, Οἰδίπους Soph.
7.this phrase mostly implies anger, impatience, or scorn:—so, οὗτος ἀνήρ for ἐγώ, Od.
II.καὶ οὗτος is also added to heighten the force of a previous word, ναυτικῷ ἀγῶνι, καὶ τούτῳ πρὸς Ἀθηναίους Thuc.; v. infr. III. 5.
III.neut. ταῦτα in various phrases,
1.ταῦτ᾽, δέσποτα yes Sir, (i. e. ταῦτά ἐστι, etc.), Ar.; so ταῦτα δή id=Ar.
2.ταῦτα μὲν δὴ ὑπάρξει so it shall be, Plat.
4.διὰ ταῦτα therefore, attic; πρὸς ταῦτα so then, therefore, Trag.:—also ταῦτα absol., therefore, Il.; ταῦτ᾽ ἄρα Ar.; ταῦτα δή Aesch.; ταῦτ᾽ οὖν Soph.
5.καὶ ταῦτα, adding a circumstance heightening the force of what has been said, and that, Lat. et hoc, ἄνδρα θανεῖν, καὶ ταῦτα πρὸς γυναικός to think that a man should die, and that by a woman's hand, Aesch., etc.
6.τοῦτο μέν . . , τοῦτο δέ . . , on the one hand . . , on the other . . , partly . . , partly. . , Hdt.
IV.dat. fem. tau/th| on this spot, here, Soph., etc. this point, herein, Ar., etc. this way, thus, Trag., etc.
V.ἐκ τούτου or τούτων, thereupon, Xen.: therefore, id=Xen.
VI.ἐν τούτῳ herein, so far, Thuc., Plat., etc. the meantime, Thuc., Xen.
VII.πρὸς τούτοις besides, Hdt., attic

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