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συνίστημι 1 2 3 set together, combine, associate, unite, band together, Hdt., Thuc.; μαντικὴν ἑαυτῷ συστῆσαι to bring prophetic art into union with himself, i. e. to win, acquire it, Hdt. put together, organise, frame, Thuc., Dem.:— to contrive, ς. θάνατον ἐπί τινι Hdt.; ς. τιμάς to settle prices, Dem.; so in aor1 mid., Isocr. bring together as friends, introduce or recommend one to another, τινά τινι Plat., etc.: Pass., συνεστάθη Κύρῳ Xen.
2.of a debtor, to offer another as a guarantee, τινά τινι Isocr.
B.Pass., with aor2 act. συνεστάθη Κύρῳ Xen.
2.of part. συνεστηκώς, contr. συνεστώς, ῶσα, ώς or ός, ionic συνεστεώς, εῶσα, εώς: also fut. mid. συστήσομαι: — to stand together, Hdt., Xen.; of soldiers, to form in order of battle, Xen. hostile sense, πολέμοιο συνεσταότος when battle is joined, Il.:—so, of persons, συνίστασθαί τινι to meet him in fight, be engaged with, Hdt., attic:—absol., συνεστηκότων τῶν στρατηγῶν when the generals were at issue, Hdt. be involved in a thing, λιμῷ καὶ καμάτῳ id=Hdt.; συνεστῶτες ἀγῶνι Thuc. form a league or union, id=Thuc.; τὸ ξυνιστάμενον the conspirators, Ar.; so, οἱ ξυνεστῶτες, τὸ συνεστηκός Thuc., Aeschin.
2.generally, to be connected or allied, as by marriage, c. acc. cogn., λέχος Ἡρακλεῖ ξυστᾶσα Soph. be put together, organised, framed, Xen. arise, become, take place, Dem. hold together, endure, continue, Hdt.: in military sense, ξυνεστὼς στρατός a well-disciplined army, Eur.; στράτευμα συνεστηκός a standing army, Dem. be compact, solid, firm, Xen. be contracted, ξυνεστὸς φρενῶν σύστασις B. II. 2, Eur.

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