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I.of motion, quick, swift, fleet, opp. to βραδύς, Hom., etc.; ταχὺς πόδας Il.; ταχὺς θείειν Hom.
II.of thought and purpose, quick, rapid, hasty, φρονεῖν γὰρ οἱ ταχεῖς οὐκ ἀσφαλεῖς Soph.; c. inf., βλάπτειν τ. Ar.; τὸ ταχύ speed, haste, Eur. of actions, events, quick, rapid, sudden, πήδημα Soph.; πόλεμος Thuc.; τ. ἐλπίδες fleeting hopes, Pind.
1.regul. form τα^χέως, quickly, Il., attic
2.the adv. is also expressed by periphr., διὰ ταχέων in haste, Thuc., etc.; ἐκ ταχείας Soph.; cf. τάχος II.
3.neut. ταχύ as adv., id=Soph., etc.; more often τάχα (q. v.).
C.Degrees of Comparison:
1.regul. form τα^χύτερος, η, ον, Hdt.
2.θάσσων, neut. θᾶσσον, gen. ονος, new attic θάττων, neut. θᾶττον, Hom., attic:—neut. as adv., Hom., etc.; θᾶσσον ἂν κλύοιμι sooner, i. e. rather, would I hear, Soph.; θᾶσσον also, like Lat. ocius, often stands for the Positive, οὐ θᾶσσον οἴσεις; i. e. make haste and bring, id=Soph.; τι θᾶσσον, like τι τάχιστα, Theocr.; ἐπειδὰν θ. Plat.
3.the form ταχίων [ι_], neut. ιον, is rare in good attic
II.the regular Sup. ταχύτατος, is rare, Pind.; ταχύτατα as adv., Xen.
2.the usual form is τάχιστος, η, ον , mostly in neut. pl. τάχιστα as adv., ὅττι τάχιστα as soon as possible, Lat. quam celerrime, Il.; attic τι τάχιστα Soph., etc.:—so, ὅσον τ. Aesch.; ὡς τ. Hdt., attic; ὅπως τ. Aesch., etc.:—these are ellipt. phrases, for ὡς δυνατὸν τ. Hdt.; ὡς or ἂν δύνωμαι τ. Xen., etc.:—also after Particles of Time, like Lat. quum primum, ἐπεί (ionic ἐπεί τε) τάχιστα Hdt., attic; ἐπειδὴ τ. Plat., etc.; ἐπεάν or ἐπήν, ἐπάν, ἐπειδὰν τ. Hdt., etc.; ὅταν τ. Xen.
3.often also in Prose, τὴν ταχίστην (sc. ὁδόν), as adv. by the quickest way, i. e. most quickly, Hdt., etc.

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