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ὑπό epic ὑπαί before δ, π

Perseus.from under, by, c. gen. under, c. dat., towards c. acc.
Lat. sub, prep. with gen., dat. and acc.
I.of Place, from under, ῥέει κρήνη ὑπὸ σπείους Od.: of rescuing from under another's power, after the Verbs ἐρύεσθαι, ἁρπάζειν, Il.; ἵππους λῦσαν ὑπὸ ζυγοῦ they loosed the horses from under the yoke, Hom.
2.under, beneath, μοχλὸν ὑπὸ σποδοῦ ἤλασα thrust the bar in under the embers, Od.; ὑπὸ στέρνοιο τυχήσας having hit him under the breast, Il.; ὑπὸ χθονός Hom., etc.
II.of the Agent, with pass. Verbs, by, Lat. a or ab, ὑπό τινος δαμῆναι Il.; ὑφ᾽ ἑαυτοῦ by one's own action, i.e. of oneself, Thuc.; so also, with neut. verbs, φεύγειν ὑπό τινος, i. e. to flee before him, Il.; ἔπαινον ἔχειν ὑπό τινος Hdt.
3.of accompanying music, to the sound of, κωμάζειν ὑπ᾽ αὐλοῦ Hes.; πίνειν ὑπὸ σάλπιγγος Ar.: then, of anything attendant, δαΐδων ὑπὸ λαμπομενάων ἠγίνεον by torchlight, Il.; ὑπ᾽ εὐφήμου βοῆς θῦσαι to offer a sacrifice accompanied by it, Soph.; ὑπὸ πομπῆς in or with solemn procession, Hdt.
B.WITH DAT. of Place or Position, ὑπὸ ποσσί Il.; ὑπὸ πλατανίστῳ id=Il.; ὑπ᾽ Ἰλίῳ under its walls, Eur.; ὑφ᾽ ἅρμασι under, i. e. yoked to, the chariot, Il.
2.ὑπὸ χερσί τινος δαμῆναι to be subdued under, i. e. by force of his arms, id=Il.; ὑπὸ δουρὶ δαμῆναι id=Il.
II.of the person under whose power or influence a thing is done, φέβεσθαι ὑπό τινι to flee before him, id=Il.; ὑπὸ πομπῇ τινος βῆναι to go under his convoy, id=Il.
2.expressing subjection, ὑπό τινι under one's power, Od.; εἶναι ὑπό τινι to be subject to him, Thuc.; ἔχειν ὑφ᾽ ἑαυτῷ to have under one, Xen.
3.of things coming under a class, ἐργασίαι ὑπὸ ταῖς τέχναις Plat. in A. II. 3, ὑπ᾽ αὐλητῆρι πρόσθ᾽ ἔκιον advanced to the music of the flute-player, Hes.: generally, of attendant circumstances, ἐξ ἁλὸς εἶσι πνοιῇ ὕπο Ζεφύροιο Od.; ὑπὸ σκότῳ, νυκτί Aesch.
C.WITH ACCUS. of Place, towards and under, ὑπὸ σπέος ἤλασε μῆλα drove them under, i.e. into, the cave, Il.; ὑπὸ ζυγὸν ἤγαγεν Od.; ὑπὸ δικαστήριον ἄγειν to bring under or before the tribunal, Hdt. ὑπό c. dat. without sense of motion, ὑπ᾽ ἠῶ τ᾽ ἠέλιόν τε everywhere under the sun, Il.; ὑπὸ τὴν ἄρκτον Hdt.; τὸ ὑπὸ τὴν ἀκρόπολιν Thuc.
II.of subjection, ποιεῖσθαι ὑπὸ σφᾶς id=Thuc., etc.
III.of Time, like Lat. sub, just after, just about, ὑπὸ νύκτα towards night, Il.; ὑπὸ ταῦτα about that time, Hdt.; ὑπὸ τὸν νηὸν κατακαέντα about the time of its burning, Il.; ὑπὸ τὸν σεισμόν about the time of the earthquake, Thuc.
IV.of accompaniment, ὑπὸ αὐλὸν διαλέγεσθαι Xen.
V.ὑπό τι, as adv. to a certain degree, in some measure, Lat. aliquatenus, Plat.
D.POSITION: ὑπό can always follow its Subst., becoming by anastrophe ὕπο.
E.AS ADV., under, below, beneath, Hom.
2.behind, Hdt.
II.secretly, unnoticed, Il.
I.under, both of rest and motion, as ὕπ-ειμι, ὑπο-βαίνω.
2.of the casing or covering of one thing with another, as ὑπό-χρυσος. express subjection, ὑπο-δαμνάω, ὑφ-ηνίοχος.
II.somewhat, a little, ὑπο-κινέω, ὑπό-λευκος: underhand, secretly, ὑπο-θωπεύω.

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