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ăcus , ūs, f. cf. 2. acer.
I. A needle or pin, as being pointed, both for common use and ornament:“quasarcinatrix veletiam ornatrix utitur,” Paul. ex Fest. p. 9 Müll.
A. Lit.: “mirabar vulnus, quod acu punctum videtur,Cic. Mil. 24.—Hence, acu pingere, to embroider, Verg. A. 9, 582; Ov. M. 6, 23; cf. Plin. 8, 48, § 191; Isid. Orig. 19, 22, 22.—Esp. a hair-pin: “figat acus tortas sustineatque comas,Mart. 14, 24: “foramen acūs,the eye of a needle, Vulg. Matt. 19, 24.—Also, a surgeon's needle, a probe, Cels. 7, 17.—Hence,
B. Trop.: acu rem tangere, to touch the thing with a needle; in Engl. phrase, to hit the nail on the head, Plaut. Rud. 5, 2, 19; so, “to denote careful and successful effort: si acum quaereres, acum invenisses,id. Men. 2, 1, 13.—
II. The tongue of a buckle, Treb. Poll. Claud. 14.—
III. I. q. acus, ĕris, Col. 2, 10, 40.—
IV. An implement of husbandry, Pall. 1, 43, 2.
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