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abdŏmĕn , ĭnis, n. etym. uncertain; perh. for adipomen, from adeps, or perh. from abdo, to conceal, cover,
I.the fat lower part of the belly, the paunch, abdomen, λαπάρα.
I.Lit., of men and animals: abdomina thynni, Lucil. ap. Non. 35, 22; so Plaut. Curc. 2, 3, 44; Cels. 4, 1 fin.; Plin. 8, 51, 77 fin.; 11, 37, 84 fin.; Juv. 4, 107; Aus. Idyll. 10, 104. —
II.Meton. for gluttony, sensuality: “ille heluo natus abdomini suo, non laudi,Cic. Pis. 17, 41; so, natus abdomini, Treb. Gall. 17; cf. also Cic. Pis. 27, 66; id. Sest. 51, 110. —With respect to carnal lust: “jamdudum gestit moecho hoc abdomen adimere,Plaut. Mil. 5, 5; “but opp. to lechery (libido): alius libidine insanit, alius abdomini servit,Sen. Ben. 7, 26, 4.
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