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an-quīro , quīsīvi, sītum, 3, v. a. 2. anand quaero, seek on all sides, to look about for, to search after.
I. Lit. and in gen.: anquirere est circum quaerere, Paul. ex Fest. p. 22 Müll.: “anquirere aliquem, apud quem evomet virus, etc.,Cic. Lael. 23, 87; so id. ib. 27, 102; id. Off. 1, 4, 11.—
II. Esp. in judic. lang. t. t.
A. To institute a careful inquiry or examination: “de perduellione,Liv. 6, 20: “de morte alicujus,Tac. A. 3, 12.—
B. To enter a complaint, to accuse one, with the word designating the punishment in the abl. or gen.: “capite anquisitus,Liv. 8, 33: “pecuniā anquirere,id. 26, 3: “cum capitis anquisissent,id. 2, 52; 26, 3.—Hence, anquīsītē , adv., carefully (only in Gell.): “satis anquisite satisque sollicite,Gell. 1, 3, 9, where Hertz now reads inquisite.Comp.: “Theophrastus anquisitius super hac ipsā re et exactius pressiusque quam Cicero disserit,Gell. 1, 3, 21, where Hertz now reads inquisitius.
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