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antĕ-cello , ĕre (
I.perf. and sup. not used), v. n. -cello; lit., to project; hence, trop., to be prominent, to distinguish one's self; and with dat. or acc., to distinguish one's self above any one, to surpass, excel, be superior to; and with abl. of respect (a favorite word with Cic.; “elsewhere rare): qui, quā re homines bestiis praestent, in re hominibus ipsis antecellat,Cic. Inv. 1, 4; so id. N. D. 2, 58, 145: “facile omnibus terris,id. Imp. Pomp. 6; so Cic. Verr. 2, 3, 5; 2, 4, 53; id. Mur. 13; id. Arch. 3; Corn. Fragm. ap. Prisc. p. 897 P.; Cic. Verr. 3, 5, 10 al.: “omnes,Plin. 8, 44, 69, § 174: “peregrinam stirpem,Tac. H. 2, 3; so id. A. 14, 55; Val. Max. 3, 8, n. 1.—Without the oblique case of the person: “humanitate antecellens,Cic. Mur. 17: “cognitione astrorum sollertiāque ingeniorum,id. Div. 1, 41. —* Pass.: qui omnibus his rebus antecelluntur, Auct. ad Her. 2, 30, 48.
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