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abs-tĭnĕo , ŭi, tentum, 2,
I.v. a and n. teneo, to keep off or away, to hold back, to hold at a distance. In the comic writers and Cic. this verb is in most cases purely active, hence constr. with aliquem (or se) re or ab re; the neuter signif. first became prevalent in the Aug. per. = se abstinere.
II. Neutr.: abstinere, to abstain from a thing; constr. with abl., ab, inf., quin or quominus, the gen., or absol.
(α). With abl.: “haud abstinent culpā,Plaut. Men. 5, 2, 18 Ritschl: “injuriā,Cic. Off. 3, 17, 72: “fabā (Pythagorei),id. Div. 2, 58, 119: “proelio,Caes. B. G. 1, 22, 3: “pugnā,Liv. 2, 45, 8: “senatorio ambitu,Tac. A. 4, 2: “manibus,id. Hist. 2, 44: “auribus principis,to spare them, id. Ann. 13, 14: “sermone Graeco,Suet. Tib. 71: “publico abstinuit,did not go out, id. Claud. 36 al.Impers.: “ne a me quidem abstinuit,Cic. de Or. 3, 43, 171: “ut seditionibus abstineretur,Liv. 3, 10, 7; so id. 5, 50, 7.—
(γ). With inf.: “dum mi abstineant invidere,if they only cease to envy me, Plaut. Curc. 1, 3, 2; so Suet. Tib. 23.—
(δ). With quin or quominus: “aegre abstinent, quin castra oppugnent,Liv. 2, 45, 10: ut ne clarissimi quidem viri abstinuerint, quominus et ipsi aliquid de eā scriberent, Suet. Gram. 3.—(* ε) With the gen. (in Greek construction like the Greek ἀπέχεσθαί τινος): “abstineto irarum calidaeque rixae,Hor. C. 3, 27, 69 (cf. infra, abstinens).—(ζ) Absol.: “te scio facile abstinere posse,Plaut. Aul. 2, 5, 19: “non tamen abstinuit,Verg. A. 2, 534.—Esp. in med., to abstain from food: “abstinere debet aeger,Cels. 2, 12, 2.—Hence, abstĭnens , entis, P. a., abstaining from (that which is unlawful), abstinent, temperate; constr absol. with abl., or poet. with gen.: “esse abstinentem, continere omnes cupiditates praeclarum est,Cic. Q. Fr. 1, 1, 11: “praetorem decet non solum manus, sed etiam oculos abstinentes habere,id. Off. 1, 40, 144: “impubi aut certe abstinentissime rebus venereis,Col. 12, 4, 3: “animus abstinens pecuniae,Hor. C. 4, 9, 37; so, “alieni abstinentissimus,Plin. Ep. 6, 8, 5; and: “somni et vini sit abstinentissimus,Col. 11, 1, 3.—Comp., Auson. Grat. Act. 28.—Sup., Col. and Plin. l. l.—Adv.: abstĭnenter , unselfishly, Cic. Sest. 16, 37.—Comp., Augustin. Mor. Manich. 2, 13.
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